Between Two Ferns: The Movie


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Reviewed by gideonzack 8

I enjoyed it. Was funny for the most part. They cut short some of the celeb interviews but overall I found it funny. People need to keep in mind that this is the driest humor you&#39;ll encounter besides Larry David.<br/><br/>Overall it&#39;s funny, it&#39;s not really a film but more a device to show Zach terrorizing celebs. Overall it&#39;s simple and funny. Again they could have elongated the interviews, but it&#39;s still funny. Oh and watch the credits......:)

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Reviewed by dip92 9

The film is filled with the most popular A-list stars and totally meets my expectations since the show debuted over 10 years ago!

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Reviewed by yk-763-314893 10

If you love his show for funny or die like me and have always wanted to see the bloopers, the wait is over. Make sure you watch the whole movie ??

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