Best Men


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Reviewed by GoddessArtemis85 9

My friend bought this movie out of the $5 bin at Walmart for a laugh. I was just expecting a stupid, mindless romantic comedy. What I found was a brilliant piece of work. The script is quite impressive. The story actually focuses on the "Best Men" like it says, not on the bride and groom. The whole film is chock full of lovable (and not so lovable) vibrant characters from nerdy little Teddy to Billy, the classical romantic hero, to Buzz the top-notch soldier with a heart of gold to Sol the lawyer you don't want to trust. Why had I never heard of this movie before?!? This definitely deserves a place on the shelf for anyone who loves comedy and good writing.

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Reviewed by edtay 10

Great has comedy, drama, unexpected events, love and real interaction among friends..people you know slightly and total strangers who interact and mesh well in the storyline. Good cast; and for all of you Dean Cain fans, he shows a buff chest. Drew adds an interesting twist to the bride-to-be. Luke Wilson is again great in his role, he gives real depth to his role. The male stars interact like they actually know their roles and the little quirks in their relationships just seems to draw you more into the story and Drew is believable as the bride to be and has a friendship with each of the 5 male stars. I seldom recommend movies, but this is definitely one I plan on seeing a few times just because it was written so well I know I probably missed a few things the first time.

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Reviewed by CatNamedEaster 8

When I rented this movie, I was thinking that it would be a comedy. Instead, this movie turned out to be more of a drama. I was very surprised with this movie and even a little curious as to why I had never heard of it before seeing it at the video store. Perhaps it is because it isn't a comedy like most people would expect. I really liked this movie. It isn't a vehicle for Drew Barrymore, if that is what you are expecting, but her part is one that she does well in. Dean Cain also turns in a worthy performance. I think most will be surprised at how touching and even moving this movie is if they give it a chance.

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