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Reviewed by directortim2012 9

An illicit affair, done with "class." OK, given it's an affair between a teacher and a student, that was kind of pun. But it's true! Given the premise, I kind of expected something like late-night Cinemax fare. But this film gave me way more than that. The affair in the story plays out in a very real, un-soapy kind of way. I believed in the reality of the characters and I felt for them. That's not to say the film isn't sexy... it is. But it's done with more sophistication and aplomb than one might expect. Well shot and especially well acted, by two very beautiful young actors. (The student kind of reminded me of a young Johnny Depp.) A very enthusiastic recommend for this movie!

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Reviewed by kirstylee_business 10

Fantastic movie, had me wanting to watch more. Loved the story line and it was betrayed in a very classy way featuring two brilliant actors.Very believable acting and I loved the emotion in it.Highly recommend.

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Reviewed by TheAll-SeeingI 10

&quot;Before The Dawn&quot; explores the viewer-dependent interpretation of a school teacher&#39;s empathy-turned-attraction for her adolescent student.<br/><br/>Lila Kendy (Alana de Freitas) is Ms. Kendy to you, should you be seated in her Catholic school classroom. She&#39;s presented as a committed educator, but her very real loneliness paired with her compassion for the struggles of youth summons in her a deep attraction to troubled student Jason (Jared Scott); a lad with great cheekbones who manages to be no less protypically pretty and actor-attractive than de Frietas herself in that Johnny Depp-ish, &quot;21 Jump Street&quot;-era sort of way. Soon, the two are flirting. Soon, they&#39;re sexing. But this story isn&#39;t sold as either a purely physical after-class tryst, or as a straight condemnation of their union tailored for PTA moms to rally behind. Instead, it&#39;s presented unashamedly as true love felt between two isolated people coming together, which as we know also isn&#39;t how the evening news (and potentially the court system) filters this forbidden tale. Of course, there&#39;s a prerequisite third wheel in the film, too, as rejected teacher-incel hybrid Mr. Matthews (Houston Rhines) can&#39;t self-check his own twisted, visceral condemnation to his discovery of it all.<br/><br/>It will be fascinating to see how &quot;Before The Dawn&quot; is received by disparate film consumers -- will they, on the mere simplicity of principle, reject Lila&#39;s emotional and physical engagement of her student as deviant and immoral, and potentially straight-up illegal (we&#39;re shrewdly never provided with Jason&#39;s age)? Or will they validate it by conceding that love -- even when society considers it utterly forbidden -- has a way of happening anyway? And as a whole different hairball, how will they process Lila&#39;s strategic reaction to Mr. Matthews&#39; insidious behaviors? &quot;Before The Dawn&quot; is sure to prove polarizaring in these various ways. It&#39;s a deceptively plain-faced but potentially incendiary telling of this inconvenient but not-uncommon social phenomenon, which is sure to lead to a divided room of viewers. That&#39;s certainly also the film&#39;s coy ambition, as &quot;Before The Dawn&quot; provides for some ripe and engrossing post-processing.

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