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Reviewed by myownventricle 4

I was ridiculously excited for this documentary, which features some of my all-time favorite bands. I bought the blu-ray (as I didn&#39;t know how else to see it) and turned it on feeling giddy as a fervert young chappy. And very soon it became disappointingly clear that this was not the documentary I&#39;d been waiting for.<br/><br/>If you are familiar with these bands you will learn nothing new and most of the interviews are cheek-slappingly banal. And even if they weren&#39;t, the cinematography is distractingly subpar: bad lighting, often out of focus, low definition. Why in the heavens is there a blu-ray edition if nothing was shot on HD!? Crappy SD footage will not look better on a blu-ray, but it sure costs more to the excited fans/suckers! <br/><br/>I essentially felt that I would have derived a richer experience surfing YouTube watching old interviews and live performances of the bands, as I&#39;m sure I could find higher quality and more interesting clips that weren&#39;t either far too brief or featured for way too long.<br/><br/>And for a documentary about the shoegaze movement, the word &quot;shoegaze&quot; is never uttered, just &quot;this period&quot; and &quot;these bands.&quot; I essentially felt more informed than the filmmakers.<br/><br/>I feel that the shoegaze movement was one of the most fascinating periods of music history and deeply deserves a fresh, beautiful, illuminating documentary. Sadly, this is not it.

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Reviewed by timo-reimann 4

After months of anticipation, BN is finally available for download! As a long-time fan of the early dream pop, and having read all the great comments on Facebook, I had pretty high expectations for this film. Unfortunately, the film is bit of a let-down from my perspective. I had hoped for an in-depth look into the music and history. (I.e. cultural landscape, influences, studio techniques etc.), but instead, the film is comprised mostly of light interviews and a bit of old footage. <br/><br/>Considering this thing was 10 years in the making, the filmmaker seems to have done very little research, or made any attempt to build a connection with the artists. I appreciate the ambitions here to cover a big spectrum of the music, but spending 2-5 minutes on each band definitely left me wanting more. He would have been better off focusing on one or two artists, like last year&#39;s &quot;Made of Stone&quot;, which I enjoyed very much. The other issue I have with this film is the shallow interviewing. It seems that everyone who appears in the film was asked the same questions: When did you first hear about the band, and why do you like them? I would have learnt more if the artists were asked about their favourite food and colour :) <br/><br/>This film is worth a viewing for anyone new to the genre, but any hard-core fan like myself will already be well familiar with the band chronology, and the music&#39;s dreamy, ethereal quality :/

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Reviewed by brendonm 9

I finally got around to watching my DVD of the &quot;Beautiful Noise&quot; documentary directed by Eric Green - and while much of it was what I expected, it was still great to hear the artists behind the music I&#39;ve loved for so long discuss their influences, the scene they got lumped into and how their bands folded up shop, so to speak, as well as the current resurgence and interest in this type of music.<br/><br/>I question how useful or entertaining this doc will be for the uninitiated to this style of music. For the rest of us, it&#39;s a great walk down memory lane, and with interviews from rock luminaries like Billy Corgan and Trent Reznor, a validation of what we&#39;ve known all along.<br/><br/>But my favorite part was the interviews of Kevin Shields and Alan McGee inter-cutting between each other as they talked about the recording process of MBV&#39;s &quot;loveless&quot; (they are basically ripping each other a new hole about the whole experience by recounting how, basically, they thought the other person was disrupting their lives, and in McGee&#39;s POV business). This just goes to show that history is determined by those who write it (or talk about it in this case).<br/><br/>Personally, the most important outcome of watching this documentary was that it made me pull out all of my shoegaze/dreampop CDs to rip them into FLAC format so I could revisit it all during a long trip I have coming up.<br/><br/>If you get a chance to see &quot;Beautiful Noise&quot;, by all means do: the artists are interviewed in intimate settings where one gets the sense they were able to relax and really reflect upon the music they&#39;ve made and their larger cultural impact. It was definitely worth the wait for this doc.

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