Beautiful Creatures


Comedy / Thriller

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Reviewed by Kazuya_UK 7

I went to see this film at an early sneak preview. Ordinarily I would not have gone to see a film like this as I am not a big fan of British cinema (although I enjoy stuff like Lock Stock &amp; 2SB), but I am very glad I got to see this preview.<br/><br/>The director Bill Eagle was at the preview, and as he mentioned before the film &quot;if you don&#39;t think that death, S&amp;M, mutilation of dead bodies, and drugs etc are appropriate for a comedy, then you better leave now&quot;. To be honest, I couldn&#39;t have put it better myself. The sense of humour in this film is indeed quite gross in places.<br/><br/>The basic plotline is that Petula and Dorothy both have violent boyfriends, and after one of them goes into a blind rage and almost kills Petula, Dorothy accidentally kills him. Both of them try to cover this up, but it isn&#39;t going to be easy. While this may sound like a quite depressing drama, it is actually done with a very tongue in cheek humour sometimes and is actually very funny (although this is probably not the sort of thing we should be laughing at!<br/><br/>Overall, if you enjoyed the dark comedy of Lock Stock, like the quirkiness of British movies, and can withstand a barrage of jokes in the worst possible taste (way more dark and gross than a lot of other movies labelled as &quot;gross out comedy&quot; or whatever), I would recommend going to see this film. After the movie ended there was a short question and answer with the director himself, and most of the audience seemed to have enjoyed the movie tremendously... I know I did!

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Reviewed by LynchsLovechild 8

It really is hit and miss when you pick up a movie that you,ve never heard of before, but being a fan of Rachael Weiz i thought id give it a go.<br/><br/>I was pleasantly surprised. It turned out to be very watchable and made me laugh my ass off. I love a good mystery/comedy. I thought it was witty and original. I also think it was filmed well for an small time movie. So with great humour, original characters and an interesting plot that keeps you guessing what will happen next i think its a thoroughly enjoyable film.<br/><br/>Not to mention the adorable dog Pluto. He was so friendly it made me wonder whether he belonged to the actress playing its owner.

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Reviewed by rosscinema 5

After watching this film I came away thinking that the filmmakers made this with a smirk on their faces. I know its done in tongue in cheek but this story seems to ramble and then aimlessly wander about, especially towards the end when I had grown tired of this messy story and the film wants to trick you and not end when you think it should. The actions of the two leads are inexcusable and the film uses the fact that they get knocked around to somehow give credence for they&#39;re actions. The best reason for watching this film are the two actress&#39;s that star. Susan Lynch and Rachel Weisz are engaging enough but its to bad that the material isn&#39;t better. Film plays like a second rate version of &quot;Bound&quot; but without the lesbianism. This is a script that really needed a rewrite. A little of everything seems to have been thrown in! Film really has no focus. Too bad, because they have two good actress&#39;s that probably could have done something with this material.

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