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I was interested in seeing this show because it features the New Zealands K&#39;ea...a very clever parrot that inhabits the snowy mountains there. When I last visited the country, I was shocked how much these birds LIKE and THRIVE with people around them. When our mini-bus stopped, I had hoped to perhaps see one of these endangered birds...and was shocked that many were at the tourist spot because they LOVED getting handouts and rooting for food among humans. <br/><br/>So why didn&#39;t I like this documentary? Well, two big reasons. The biggest is that the narration is simply inane and instead of sounding scientific or intelligent, they went for something much like &quot;America&#39;s Funniest Home Videos&quot;! Bad jokes and supposedly clever remarks (they are simply annoying) make this tough going for anyone but kids. Second, the film is about the K&#39;ea AND the New Caledonian Crow--birds who are very different and live over 2300 miles apart! It would have been much better if they film had stuck with one of the birds or provided a less tenuous way to associate them. Seeing the film bouncing back and forth from one of these animals to the next again and again was just sloppy. A HUGE disappointment overall.

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