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Reviewed by FLAPS20 1

It has been a long time since I've seen such a bad, BAD movie. The story is lame, the acting is awful, the CGI is a 5 yo child work. Ghee... what a waste.

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Reviewed by fad-38798 1

The best part of the movie is the first 2m 49sec of introductory credits.<br/><br/>The bad, everything else.<br/><br/>Sloooooow story, two-dimensional characters very badly acted. Terrible dialogue.Poor effects, terrible acting, absolutely terrible.<br/><br/>I lasted just over an hour then had to turn it off. Complete waste of money.<br/><br/>Watch this film at your own risk.

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Reviewed by mirage-productions 1

I sometimes look forward in watching low budget films. Just because a filmmaker had little or no funds many can actually create something that is worth watching. This is not the case. I could not get through the second scene. The first scene opens up in a bar. The acting was pretty poor, but what really made it bad was the lighting. Apparently shot during the day, but with tungsten lighting above the bar. Blue scenes showing through the large window from behind and orange actors. Anyone knowing what they were doing would not have that happen. That&#39;s lazy. Second scene was in a car, at night. Really bad lighting for a car scene. Only light was this strong light coming from the left side of the vehicle. No fill, no moving lights indicating the car was in motion. There are several tricks that can be done to light a car properly to make it seem it&#39;s actually moving and see the actors. This was a stationery car with a big light shining in the left windows. Could not finish watching the scene. Have no idea what was going on as the lighting was so bad. Knew immediately that this was not worth wasting my time. No money, at least take the time to light your scenes properly. Just plain lazy.

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