Battle of the Coral Sea


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Reviewed by laborlaw 2

First, the movie had virtually nothing to do with the Coral Sea Battle which was a tactical Japanese victory (the US lost more ships) but also a strategic defeat for them (they had to give up their planned invasion of Port Moresby in New Guinea).<br/><br/>Second, the movie is almost wholly unrelated to any history of the time.<br/><br/>Third, good grief, at least get something about submarine operations correct. No sub commander in his right mind would leave a periscope up like these dodos do, certainly not with that kind of forward speed. No submariner would go speeding along in such shallow water but of course they show this kind of stupidity in every sub movie.<br/><br/>As an aside, two US sub captains were captured in WWII. The captain of the Robalo, Manning Kimmel (son of the naval commander at Pearl Harbor on December 7) apparently survived after his boat struck a mine but died in captivity shortly thereafter. Richard O&#39;Kane, arguably the most successful US sub commander in WWII was captured after his sub was sunk by it&#39;s own torpedo (circular run). He received the Medal of Honor after the war.

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Reviewed by MartinHafer 3

When I watched &quot;Battle of the Coral Sea&quot;, I naturally thought I&#39;d be seeing a film all about this famous WWII battle. Instead, the battle is tacked on to the last 5-10 minutes of the movie and what precedes that isn&#39;t the battle or anything really about the battle! I am sure a lot of audience members were annoyed by this and what the film does show is poorly done (featuring lots of stock footage...some of which showed planes which never could have fought in the battle).<br/><br/>The story ACTUALLY is about Lt. Cmdr. Jeff Conway (Cliff Robertson) and his command of a submarine during the war. His ship is captured in a rather impossible to believe sequence but he is able to skuttle the boat after his crew is taken prisoner. The rest of the movie consists of Conway and a few other officers in a Japanese prison camp plotting their eventual escape. <br/><br/>So is the film any good? Not especially. It&#39;s not a good history lesson and the film itself only adequate. Not a terrible film...just not a very good one.

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Reviewed by bkoganbing 5

Just in case you&#39;re wondering Battle Of The Coral Sea has absolutely nothing to do with the Pacific Allies engaging the Japanese Fleet from May 4 to 8, 1942. The title should not lead you to expect to get a film like The Longest Day or Midway which are factual docudramas about those battles. The Coral Sea battle does deserve such a film and maybe an American or Australian film maker will do such a film some day. This ain&#39;t it.<br/><br/>This is instead about Cliff Robertson and his submarine sent on a scouting expedition to find out Japanese intentions. They do find out, but the submarine is destroyed and Robertson and his crew are taken prisoner. <br/><br/>After that the film plot line is one of escape as Robertson, his surviving crew members and some Aussie prisoners are also looking to break out. Along for the ride is Gia Scala daughter of a French plantation owner who is Japanese speaking and serves as interpreter. She&#39;s surviving the best she can by coyly alleging Vichy sympathies.<br/><br/>What Robertson might have been doing is anyone&#39;s guess because we knew of Japanese intentions having broken the Japanese code. So the film is false on the face of it. Add to that Robertson&#39;s rather unbelievable escape, similar to Errol Flynn and his crew in Desperate Journey. <br/><br/>Hopefully one day we&#39;ll get the real story of the Coral Sea. Demand it rather than this be the film that purportedly tells it.

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