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Reviewed by spacey-8 7

I must admit, Jared was the hook, but it was the story that kept me interested. Not quite 'Dangerous Liaisons' or 'The Remains of the Day', but this film was very enjoyable. Jared Leto and Christian Slater both did fine jobs playing Brits and I would recommend this film to anyone.

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Reviewed by cocokat_89 7

I give the movie "Basil" a very high 10+. I love time period films and think "Basil" is a wonderful movie. Jared Leto was fantastic in this movie. I love all of his work on the big screen, but I have to say that His portrayal as Basil in my opinion is one of his finest performances. This movie is not boring. It has a wonderful cast, wonderful story line, and the events that unfold, to a good watcher, will unfold from the very beginning. Jared Leto, Christian Slater, and Clair Forlani are just magnificent in this film. It's very tastefully done, and the scenery is beautiful. Proper in it's time, but still society itself was not at all proper. Aristicratic life was very demanding, and to this day, still is. In the end, we are all the same no matter what class we are brought up in. I congratulate the performances in this movie, and I would love to see more movies like "Basil" on the big screen. I highly recommend "Basil" to anyone who loves period films. Thank you.

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Reviewed by Emily01 10

I watched this movie on AMC yesterday afternoon. I was glued to my television set for 2 hours. I didn't move a muscle. I must say that most of my faith in Christian Slater is restored. His work in this film is superb. I attempted to explain this movie to someone, but it was just too complicated. The story was excellent! Unfortunately, this film wasn't released in theaters. I certainly would have paid $6.50 to see it again.

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