Banana Split


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Reviewed by reidandgenene 8

This is a good movie about two teenage girls developing what could become one of the important friendships of their lives. But there is a major wrinkle which could blow up this budding relationship. Clara is dating Nick, April's ex and April still has strong feelings for him. The best and most convincing stretch of the movie is the segment in which April's feelings of jealous rage slowly and unwillingly morph into the realization that Clara is really cool and nice and has more in common with April than anyone else she has ever met. So the girls become best friends and try to keep this secret from Nick. This seems unlikely to work at all in the age of social media, but at the director's Q&A, he said that the film, written by Hannah Marks, who plays April, was in fact semi-autobiographical.

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Reviewed by natcalgary 6

Shows you that the average age of reviewers on rotten tomatoes is 13<br/><br/>this movie is a heart warming coming of age story for teenagers,<br/><br/>that sums it up<br/><br/>5.9

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Reviewed by pennyelenabooks 6

Banana split was a nice movie. It&#39;s mainly theme centres around the unexpected friendship of the two main characters, a theme that was actually well executed. The performances were good too, with a nice pace to the plot.

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