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Reviewed by imdb-ikysmoviedatabase 5

It's a ok movie to watch but nothing special. I'd say it's a 1 time watch if your bored.

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Reviewed by ericespland 10

The English voice actors just do not do this film justice. It turns an amazingly funny and, at times, surprisingly deep movie into another C level Hollywood cash grab.<br/><br/>I highly encourage that this be watched in French with English subtitles.

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Reviewed by tutitalvarez 6

If you&#39;re looking for a movie to pass time or have a little laugh, you might enjoy it.<br/><br/>Don&#39;t keep your expectations too high since you will have a ton of cliche jokes and basic comedy. Also, let&#39;s not forget that the cringe factor is hard on this one and the plot is no master piece, with a ton of plot-holes or unnecessary/predictable plot twists.<br/><br/>TL;DR Watch it, have fun, just don&#39;t expect much.

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