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Reviewed by callumfaulkner 9

I had reservations heading into this film considering it&#39;s low score and lack of user reviews. In fact the lack of user reviews is what prompted me decide to write this, so that people had an idea what they were in for.<br/><br/>Obviously this movie isn&#39;t a big budget Hollywood comedy, however, it is far better than any generic comedy thrown your way this year. The film is filled with unique and original jokes that feel completely realistic as well as simultaneously unexpected and outrageous. The film really has an air of familiarity about it, you can really connect with the characters and goofs (despite some of the obvious clichés such as the arch nemesis Principal).<br/><br/>This isn&#39;t meant to be an extensive review and honestly I haven&#39;t really done that. But I do want to convey to anyone sitting on the fence - about whether or not to watch this film - that it is a thoroughly entertaining flick. Sort of like a more original, mature and actually watchable version of American Pie: Reunion, just without all the toilet humour and pointless gimmicks.... So actually nothing like AP:R at all. <br/><br/>Trust me, you will enjoy this film, give it a go and have fun!

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Reviewed by subxerogravity 5

I really did like the concept of the film. Michael Rosenbaum plays an actor unhappy with the way his life went, and when he comes back home to his high school reunion and tries to relive his glory days, which includes rekindling the magic with his high school sweet heart. It sounds like the regular formula but it&#39;s actually done more sophisticated than expected. <br/><br/>Much props to Rosenbaum who was able to direct and act at the same time getting a lot from his character. <br/><br/>The movie is filled with a few laughs, the best I feel come from a character named Ron, played by Nick Swardson who peaked in Jr. High after everyone was able to grow facial hair like he could.<br/><br/>Although all the characters are interesting not all the actors were. I did not feel the chemistry that would suggest these guys are friends, yet alone for 20 years. I did not feel it click.<br/><br/>Plus, this may be me nick picking, but the movie suggest that they are the class of 1994, yet I kept getting a late 80s vibe from the whole thing. I feel they really missed an opportunity to make fun of the 90s that could have added some much needed jokes. <br/><br/>Overall it was good.

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Reviewed by spmact 5

I saw the great reviews here and, while not expecting a lot, I decided to give this a chance (especially because I like Morena Baccarin). Unfortunately, she wasn&#39;t enough to save this film. Now I see that the glowing reviews were probably written by friends of the director. That&#39;s my only explanation for how a movie with a rating under 5 can have five of its six reviews give it 10 star ratings.<br/><br/>The movie wasn&#39;t horrible, but not very memorable either. It didn&#39;t have many laughs (I only chuckled a few times) and didn&#39;t really have much charm either. Instead it relied on cliché characters who, while really trying to be, just weren&#39;t very funny.<br/><br/>It&#39;s more of a commentary on wanting to recapture the good old days than a comedy.<br/><br/>If you want to see a funny movie about a high school reunion, I recommend American Reunion instead. That has more memorable characters, more charm and, more importantly, much more humour.

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