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Reviewed by ufancat 6

Too long, too slow, too laboured (no pun intended). Characters too bland, and not funny enough to carry the ridiculous plot twists.

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Reviewed by comingovermovie 9

This film takes a fascinating idea and explores it fully through all the twists and turns. You really don't know what will happen as the story grows. If you want to see a heartfelt comedy that's definitely NOT a standard rom-com, this is worth a watch.Seriously, almost every rom-com since Shakespeare is about mistaken identities. (Amelie, When Harry Met Sally, and Annie Hall are exceptions.) Although that can be hilarious, it's been used for hundreds of years. Here's something different.

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Reviewed by percyrustomji 10

I was cracking up the entire film! Loved it! The twists and turns were amazing!

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