Baby Frankenstein


Comedy / Drama

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Reviewed by dkeizer05 3

A clumsy film with a classic E.T. or Harry and the Hendersons type plot where adults supposed to be playing kids get into misadventures trying to hide a runaway science experiment from corporate slimeballs and other losers. Baby Frankenstein just manages to clear unwatchable status, mostly thanks to the charming titular character and the unintentional entertainment that comes with trash-tier filmmaking.<br/><br/>Speaking of trashy, there are too many pointless lowbrow attempts at comedy and other adult themes to make this a family movie. The bizarre attempt of the producer to make a film using a screenplay which clearly had roles intended for child actors and replacing them with adults does not really appeal to any target audience. Perhaps it was made as an intentionally bad film, but it fails to capture the magic of something like The Room or Con Games.<br/><br/>Try it if you like things that are stupid.

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