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Reviewed by tatteardrops 10

Juwan Chung's "Baby" captures the crime, violence and drug abuse involved with Asian street gangs. David Huynh does a great job playing the role of "Baby" a motherless, poverty stricken teen who encounters a world of danger while roaming the streets of Monterey Park and Alhambra. Baby has been long overdue ! GREAT MOVIE! "We live 4 our brothers without them we're nothing"! You mess with one you mess with the rest is a good way to describe this movie.The cast gives an outstanding performance that brings the movie to life! This is one one of my favorite movies of all time "Baby" is the Asian Boyz in the Hood. An action packed movie not to be missed!

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Reviewed by dluu81 7

i rented it from blockbuster recently and i was very impressed with what juwan did with this movie. i was expecting below average cinematography and a movie id turn off after halfway through - as i did with even Hollywood movies such as hit-man, shoot em up, hellboy 2 - but it was good enough to keep me watching. i liked the style and brashness of it and the story. i did have some complaints though how the story was a bit too chaotic to follow sometimes, the sound wasn't as clean in some scenes, the lead girl wasn't pretty. but that didn't ruin it. i really liked the acting by the benny and baby characters and the dad as well. the movie reminded me of a good old hong kong triad flick and it even had a classic song by alan tam in it that i loved as a kid. really cool. so i recommend this flick. support indie-Asian-good cinema!

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Reviewed by Buffcake 9

Before I watched this film I came on here to check it out, I didn&#39;t find much which was surprising, not a lot of comments, I don&#39;t think there is even a summary...nothing. I mean some seriously s*** films on this site even get a summary. But thankfully I went on and watched it. Definitely not disappointed. This is a little gem of a film. It gets everything just right, from the action to the romance. The dialogue is short, effective and often intense. This film really sucked me in.<br/><br/>You&#39;ve probably all read the hype and the comparisons to &#39;Boyz in the Hood&#39;, and I&#39;ll admit that such talk did scare me too as that is just one of those films that cannot be touched, just cannot be improved upon. Baby is different, yet just as compelling and thought provoking etc, its got all that deep moving s***e, with some kick ass action thrown in. This isn&#39;t just a &#39;Friday night in&#39; movie. This is one for the collection to be watched again and again. Makes you ask yourself what you stand for and how far you&#39;d go? (Yeah there&#39;s some of that deep s***e I mentioned earlier).<br/><br/>As for which way the door is swinging I would say its more a guys film, but ladies there is some romance in there and its not all non-stop violence so don&#39;t be too put off. Though for the lads out there; the main characters in this film will make you look like a complete pussy in front of your woman so you may not wanna watch it with her.<br/><br/>Anyway bottom line sort your life out and check this out.

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