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Reviewed by James_Bond_007_218 5/10

Upon watching Avalanche Express, Robert Shaw's final film I was ratherdisappointed. Shaw, one of my favourite actors, lines are dubbed andthis detracts from the viewing pleasure. This is not only because thevoice sounds nothing like Robert Shaw, but because the dubbing has beendone so poorly.<br><br>When I read a previous review which stated that it was not worthwatching, I tend to agree. The film is suppose to be an actionadventure but is nothing of the sort. To start off with, it is a verylong time before we actually get to any exciting parts, the mostmemorable being the train escape during the avalanche. The specialeffects are also worth a mention. The avalanche doesn't look hokey, Iwas actually more impressed than I thought I would have been. The mainproblem with the film is its slow pacing. I found myself drifting offto sleep several times during its screening. Any film that does that toyou really tells you something, doesn't it!<br><br>I think had both the star Robert Shaw and director Mark Robson not diedduring the production, it would have been something special. It had thepotential, but sadly it is not an excellent film. I only recommendpurchasing this film if you are a fan of Robert Shaw (Even though hislines are dubbed, its nice to see him in any film) or if you canpurchase it for less than $5.00 - $10.00 US (I purchased it on DVD,which was a surprise as I have only ever seen it for sale on VHS).<br><br>Final rating: 5/10 - I don't think it deserves to be called a bomb, butit certainly isn't a masterpiece. If your looking for an excellentaction/adventure film, check out Black Sunday starring this films star,Robert Shaw. I regard it as an underrated classic.

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Reviewed by bkoganbing 3/10

During the making of Avalanche Express, Robert Shaw died and I&#39;m surethe producers must have been in a quandary. They decided to salvage asmuch footage as they could with longshots and rears. Shaw&#39;s voice wasweak so whole scenes were dubbed. <br><br>The result was an 85 minute action adventure story with a lot of holesin the story about a Russian general, Shaw, defecting to the west. LeeMarvin, Linda Evans, Michael Connors and would you believe Joe Namathare the CIA agents bringing him out and for some reason decide traintravel is best. This is an obvious homage to Alfred Hitchcock&#39;s TheLady Vanishes, but I&#39;m sure Hitchcock would not have been flatteredwith the comparison had the master of suspense saw this film before hedied.<br><br>The rest of the players try their best and Maximilian Schell as the KGBguy assigned to kill Shaw before he makes it out of Europe is quitegood. As an actor however Joe Namath is a great quarterback, in his fewscenes he&#39;s painful to watch dealing with the dialog, limited though itwas in his case.<br><br>I do feel sorry for Robert Shaw because of the many fine performanceshe did give us on the big and small screen. My first memory of him wasin a short lived British syndicated television series The Buccaneersand that had far more going for it than Avalanche Express.<br><br>Had Shaw lived and the movie going public got to see what would havebeen the story they wanted to bring us, would we have liked it? Hard tospeculate, but I&#39;d stay clear of this unless you want to see a nice bigavalanche nearly engulf a train with nearly all the cast on it.

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Reviewed by ma-cortes 5/10

This regular action tale contains thrills , intrigue , tension ,excitement galore , entertainment and loads of falling snow .Suspenseful spy movie packs exceptional plethora of prestigious actorsincarnating the motley group of spies for this All-Star Adventure andsadly ending picture for both , actor Robert Shaw who was very illduring filming and filmmaker Mark Robson . This his last movie was ajinx , appropriately titled &#xA8;Avalancha express&#xA8;. Soviet KGB GeneralMarenkov (Robert Shaw who died during its production) defects to theAmericans and together with his CIA handler Harry Wargrave (Lee Marvin, he is mentioned in the novel the movie is based on) they plan anoperation meant to reveal the Russians are attempting to developbiological weapons and several KGB agents in Europe . During the trailthey must survive a lot of dangers : spy-catchers , terrorist attacks ,crossfire , double-crosses and avalanches . All planned by a Russiantop agent named Col. Nikolai Bunin (Maximilian Schell) . As the routeof the train journey on the &#x22;Atlantic Express&#x22; , was from Milan, Italyto Rotterdam, Holland. <br><br>This exciting film contains noisy action , thrills , shootouts andresults to be mediocre . And a great cast though wasted formed by theHollywood Wax Museum . Besides , a large support cast such asMaximilian Schell , Joe Namath , Horst Buchholz , Mike Connors ,Claudio Cassinelli , David Hess , Sky du Mont , Dan Van Husen andG&#xFC;nter Meisner . The picture has elements of &#xA8;disaster genre&#xA8; as when atrain is threatened by lots and lots of falling snow . Passable actingby trio protagonist : Lee Marvin , Robert Shaw and Linda Evans . RobertShaw is acceptable as KGB head who tries to defect , Shaw passed awayduring filmmaking , in fact most of his dialog had to be dubbed by amimic . Colorful cinematography in Panavision by Jack Cardiff , thoughuncredited . Thrilling as well as atmospheric musical score by AllynFerguson . <br><br>Lavishly produced by Guthrie and Robson with a reported budget of $12million , it was the most expensive film project shooting in Europe .The motion picture was middlingly directed by Mark Robson , though thefilm&#x27;s closing credit tells the following : &#x22;The producers wish toexpress their appreciation to Monte Hellman and Gene Corman for theirpost production services&#xA8; . In the early 40s Mark Robson was muchinvolved with the low-budget terror unit in charge of producer ValLewton , for whom made &#xA8;Seventh victim&#xA8;, &#xA8;The ghost ship&#xA8;, and &#xA8;Islandof the dead&#xA8;. In the late 1940s Robson joined Stanley Kramer&#x27;sindependent company and directed his biggest commercial hit to datewith &#xA8;The champion&#xA8;. Years later Robson made another good film aboutcorruption in boxing world titled &#xA8;The harder they fall&#xA8; with HumphreyBogart. In the late 1960s, his work did decline . And of course , &#xA8;VonRyan Express&#xA8; was one of his best films ; this one is certainly one ofthe best movies ever made about the WWII escapes . And this &#xA8;AvalancheExpress&#xA8; turned out to be an unfortunate film in which Robson and hismain star , Robert Shaw, died suddenly from heart attacks . As MonteHellman finished the direction and Gene Corman -brother of RogerCorman- completed Robson&#x27;s duties as producer . In spite of a top-notchcast , spectacular images , tense images and noisy action , all of themdon&#x27;t make this one a good effort of its kind . This is an ordinary spymovie , being a little boring and embarrassing . Rating : 5 .

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