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Reviewed by carilynnnow-256-303429 9

I saw an opening of this movie in Austin Texas. The first 15 min. take you into the story as it begins to get you ready for severe laughing (which I don't think any of us can complain about) and the movie has some great undertones of sarcasm mixed with top of the line funny line after funny scene..towards the middle I was able to catch my breathe but as the 4th quarter began I couldn't help myself from laughing hard! So hard that my boyfriend was saying "SHH SHH in between his laughing" I am looking forward to seeing this flick again with friends who couldn't see it when I did! Okay, so from the wardrobe selection to the scenes themselves and then of course the acting (and WOW, I hadn't heard of some of these folks but I am sure all of us will in the future). The movie went fast, I even had to go to the ladies room 1/2 way through and couldn't get up 'cause I didn't want to miss a beat and if you miss one line you will be sure to miss something FUNNY. A great comedy !

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Reviewed by jdrgn9 9

I really enjoyed the first feature length comedy by the writers at BeefandSage. The main story revolves around a forced culture change at high school, but touches on issues of gentrification and corrupt politicians, while also containing elements of coming-of-age comedy. From the soundtrack to laugh-out-loud moments, it's certainly well done for the budget. Brently Heilbron alone was worth the price of admission, but it was certainly a team effort with talented (and hilarious) short- film actor, Mike Wilson, the smoking-hot Melinda Cohen, and gifted director, Alan Deutsch. Can't wait to own a copy!

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Reviewed by mtijerina2 9

Great story line that will have you rolling' and asking' for more. Seen it five times and it just gets better each and every time! A must see for everyone! You can relate to the characters and the underlying message of being true to yourself. Austin shots throughout the movie are for sure going to make it a local classic! You find yourself relating to the movie in one way or another. The scenarios keep you in stitches.The side stories pull the movie together. You'll find yourself reminiscing back to your high school days and wondering about the what ifs? What could possibly happen next? How will it end? Which path will he choose? See the movie to experience a trip of all times.

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