Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies and Cyber Attacks


Documentary / Crime

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46 min
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Reviewed by reginagazr 4

"Ashley Madison: sex, lies and cyber attacks" if full of narrative flaws, and footage that gives little to no help at all in the retail of the facts. With uninteresting opinions of guests a lack of order in the telling of the situation, and an uncomfortable aesthetic, "Ashley Madison..." ends up being unclever documentary that fails as well in the transmission of an opinion.

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Reviewed by kosmasp 7

Which is not something you got when registering at Ashley Madison I reckon. Seriously though: I had heard as many of something happening back then, but I hadn&#39;t heard of the website before and never really looked into it. So while I understand that some may find this unsatisfying (just like the website apparently) or inconclusive, but it does quite a bit with the few minutes running time it has.<br/><br/>It does shed some light on what was going on and we get a couple of opinions of people involved or were affected by the website. Not the in-depth look some may have hoped for, but does enough to shed light on a controversial issue. I guess the rest can be found on the internet ...

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