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Reviewed by Antagonisten 1

Normally i have no problem with mid- to slow-paced films. I commend the director who takes his time to tell a story in todays hysterical film-industry. But unfortunately you need to know what story you′re telling...<br/><br/>I have no idea what director Karim Hussain really wanted to say with this film. It′s a sort of post-apocalyptic drama about three women going after the one who killed god. Apparently all humans were given the ability to do miracles, and the world was thrown into chaos as everyone started abusing that power. Now three women are climbing an old factory where, on the top floor, the one who started the whole downfall of society is waiting. By killing him/her they will destroy the world and end this nightmare.<br/><br/>The story was fine, until the movie started... The movie is simply just an excruciatingly slow display of three women climbing metal stairs while airing nonsensical philosophical statements. All the while minimalistic industrial music grinds in the background. And absolutely nothing happens. I know that i wasn′t the only one finding this to be a test in endurance, out of perhaps 70 present in the audience about 5 people left before the film was over. To compare this to Tarkovskij (as some people have) is an abomination. This is slow, painful and quite frankly shallow. I rate this 1 out of 10.

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Reviewed by phatmanbuff 1

Everything about this movie is HORRIBLE. I saw the advanced screening of &quot;Ascension&quot; and I was amazed at what I saw. I could not understand how a film like this could get made. Everything about it was awful. The acting was monochromatic, the scenes were atrociously edited and designed, the DIALOGUE was a wonderful effort put in by a third-grade child, the camera movements and shots were uninteresting. The film was bland and repetitive and served no purpose. The only good comments posted about this movie were made by the unimaginitive, banal director. DO ANYTHING TO AVOID SEEING THIS MOVIE, INCLUDING THE GOUGING OF YOUR OWN EYES.

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Reviewed by wpws 1

Its a movie for the people who look into a monochromatic wall and see a piece of art.<br/><br/>Only with lots of imagination can one see here a good movie.<br/><br/>Imagine that the lights are good, imagine that the dialog is good, imagine that...<br/><br/>When i saw the movie,I left after an hour so to not spend more money on the car parking.<br/><br/>There was TWO BLIND GUYS next to me!!! <br/><br/>The movie is mostly dialog but PLEASE! <br/><br/>There wasn&#39;t even infrastructures for blind people... (scene description)

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