AS:VS Back in Business


Comedy / Horror

IMDb Rating 6.2


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11/16/2019 6:42:21 AM

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Reviewed by brettsurfer 4

Why do you make it so OBVIOUS 10 really yeah seeing you were either in the film or worked on it or are family or friends with people associated with the movie of course 10 right LMFAO wrong my rating is 3.5 a very real rating as anyone who watches will agree

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Reviewed by donaldmeyers 10

It's a credit to the writers to make this film a really nice follow up to the earlier entry. A larger budget would have helped, of course, but the camera work, story and writing are first rate...really enjoyed it.

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Reviewed by ajbondssurfs 10

Watched this back to back with the 1st film. Really awesome work by these guys in Memphis. Bigger budget might have helped but outstanding work none the less.

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