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Reviewed by Lori College (lori-college) 10/10

Christopher Walken and Josh Lucas are incredibly believable in theirrich portrayals of a father and son who have been apart for many yearsand brought together by an eccentric grandfather's wish for a familyreunion and an emotional scavenger hunt. Newcomer, Jonah Bobo issuperbly natural in his role as Zack. The story is heart-warming andheart-wrenching at the same time, reminding us that while we don'tchoose our families, we can choose to love and accept them in spite ofthe damage we do to each other. We can indeed learn from the mistakesof those who go before us and pass on the best of the previousgeneration leaving our mark on the next generation.<br><br>This was a great movie, with a great soundtrack - a real father-soncoming of age story without any saccharine!

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Reviewed by scotforever 10/10

I absolutely loved this film, it is everything that a film can be. theonly minor flaw, which was un-noticeable to the friend that i saw itwith, was Michael Caine's accent drifting across the Atlantic. But youdidn't really care. <br><br>It is perfectly cast, brilliantly acted, and you believed in and caredfor the characters, they are so human with their natural flaws, you arerooting for them all. <br><br>The story is fascinating, and it will strike a chord with anyone with afather, particularly anyone estranged from their father. It is funny,witty, charming, touching and delightful. <br><br>See it with a loved shouldn't regret it.

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Reviewed by Dana Belcher ([email protected]) 10/10

Wrong . . .Wrong . . .Wrong!!!! Anyone who is reading the less thanperfect reviews and makes a decision to not see this film is making avery big mistake. We all know how political the economics of filmreviews are and this movie proves it. I am a 40 year old male who seesthis as a &quot;mans&quot; movie. This is about the issues that all sons havewith their fathers to one degree or another; and it has a great plotwith as much humor in it as it does have the seriousness of male issuesand bonding. Come on guys, you all know what I am talking about. So forall those who call this a chick flick, your wrong too! Both men andwomen will definitely leave this film with a big smile on their facesand will agree with me that the admittance ticket was worth everypenny!

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