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Reviewed by krachtm 5

While I agree with the highly negative reviews already posted, I didn&#39;t find it *quite* as offensively bad as they did. Sure, the fight choreography was poor, at times, but it wasn&#39;t nearly as bad as Amsterdam Heavy. The acting wasn&#39;t much better, but it was still about par for the genre. I guess this is place where I&#39;m supposed to express incredulity over Sam Jackson appearing in this movie, but, really, everyone who watches lots of low budget, direct-to-video movies knows that he&#39;ll appear in anything. He&#39;s done some really mediocre (and even bad) movies, in the past.<br/><br/>Anyways, the main plot consists of a James Bond villain (Sam Jackson) kidnapping people and forcing them into fighting to the death. That&#39;s it. Nothing else. No pretenses to art here. Now, if the fight choreography and stunts were good, I might able to suggest this to fans of direct-to-video B movies inspired by Enter the Dragon and Bloodsport. Unfortunately, they&#39;re really not very well done, with some of them looking downright crappy and unimpressive. Some others, however, end up looking pretty decent, though nowhere near Enter The Dragon or Bloodsport. The direction focuses on stylized, bloody violence, with fast cuts, slow motion, and lots of posing. If Michael Bay drives you nuts, I doubt you&#39;ll like this much, either.<br/><br/>There&#39;s a rather surprising amount of gratuitous exploitation in this movie. If you&#39;re prudish at all, I&#39;d warn you to avoid it. There&#39;s constant, gory violence and occasional full frontal nudity (female only), making this one of the most overt, unapologetic, and cynical attempts at making a mainstream action movie that I&#39;ve seen recently. I guess they&#39;re saying that if the nudity doesn&#39;t get you off, the violence will, like we&#39;re all a bunch over-stimulated sociopaths. There&#39;s a satirical element to all this gratuitous exploitation, but I think it was inserted merely to deflect criticism.<br/><br/>If you&#39;re looking for exploitation, there&#39;s plenty of that. Otherwise, I&#39;d say you&#39;re best off skipping it. The action scenes aren&#39;t good enough. Some people have criticized this as being pornographic, and I have to agree; the violence seems to be almost fetishized. However, amoral as I am, I find the lack of plot and poor fight choreography to be the true problems with this movie.

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Reviewed by nikicam 1

This surely is the worst movie I have seen so far. I don&#39;t know where to start. I really can&#39;t decide what was more annoying in this movie. Bad characters/actors, fights with Galons of gore or spoiled Facebook generation who were enjoying and laughing when they saw blood all over their screens. The plot is so terrible that I just can&#39;t figure out how did an actor like Samuel L. Jackson accepted to act in this movie??? The violence is way to sick. I honestly don&#39;t wonder why this was not showed in the theaters. As someone already said, this movie is brainless and from now on I will pass movies from its authors. Do yourself a favor and do not watch this movie.

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Reviewed by stanio-ivanov 3

Kind of &quot;Saw&quot; series movies, but much more easier to predict the next step. I&#39;m astonished that Sam L.J. has decided to be a part of this movie and I&#39;m really curious if this has payed him off at all :) As mentioned in the plot line itself.. it is brutal movie, but I still can see much more blood and pain into &quot;Spartacus, God of Arena&quot; than in this movie. If you want to loose 87mins when waiting for train or something like that, then this could be a good choice. I never have given so far a review of a film in any forum, but people, please, don&#39;t loose your time into watching this unless you&#39;re really bored. Basically I would say that the only kind of theatrical performance here is to Nina Dobrev, but rest is just much below of average of what those kind of actors are capable of

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