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Reviewed by teachermarkthailand 4

First off - most people are going to figure out the &#39;great reveal&#39; within half an hour. I guessed it early on and was proved right. You probably will, too.<br/><br/>This could easily have been a good one hour episode of Black Mirror, but instead lots of things were crowbarred into the silly &#39;corporations are bad&#39; motif, just to spin it out for that extra hour.<br/><br/>Excellent special effects and a pretty decent atmosphere don&#39;t make a compelling movie. There have to be some engaging characters, some sense of narrative direction and a modicum of originality... and this is where the movie stumbles.<br/><br/>The good looking chap straight from the cover of GQ is alone in a remote lab busy putting together a robot to house the consciousness of his dead and equally good looking wife. Both of these people are annoying and do stupid things. It&#39;s like a Hallmark movie set in space.<br/><br/>But the biggest sin of all is a filmmaker who thinks that women give a hoot about sci-fi. They DO NOT, so stop trying to win them over with this sappy rubbish and focus on what men want instead.<br/><br/>A big (and predictable) disappointment.

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Reviewed by vithiet 8

I expect a lot of people will compare this to Ex Machina, and for good reasons. Excellent story, interesting character development, great acting and directing, this is definitely the kind of smart, evenly paced sci-fi I love (if you&#39;re expecting explosions, lasers and flying car chases, you&#39;re gonna have a bad time...).While it may be using familiar tropes and the occasional cliche, this truly is a 7/10 throughout that earns its 8th star in the last 15 min. Highly recommended, especially for sci-fi fans!

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Reviewed by TopDawgCritic 9

I&#39;m still trying to take it all in and absorb the finale. But, wow.<br/><br/>This is going to be one of those films that viewers either don&#39;t enjoy, or love. I was getting a little bored after the midway portion, and the slow pacing of the 109 min runtime really felt like the film was dragging its heels, but the satisfaction and reward towards the end made it all worthwhile, at least for me.<br/><br/>Take into account that the brilliant writing and on-point directing, is the first full length feature film by Gavin Rothery, with only one prior short film for this new filmmaker. So for putting such a high caliber, wonderfully vibrant and expertly captivating feature film debut, for this first-time filmmaker, much respect and mad props to him. Rothery is certainly a filmmaker with a ton of potential and one to watch.<br/><br/>It&#39;s not your typical sci-fi, as it had many layers, and creates an engrossing study of human frailty and obsession intertwined with AI. The cinematography was outstanding, with exceptional and gorgeously shot scenes, production-designed sets, and S/Vfx. The score was very fitting and really set the tone for the entire film. Theo James and the rest of the cast, nailed their characters.<br/><br/>Had this film&#39;s pace been a little faster, and/or 10-15 mins shaved off from the runtime, this film would&#39;ve been perfect. I&#39;ll definitely be watching this one again, but only after the stunned feeling leaves my stomach. It&#39;s a well deserved 8/10 for this film and newb filmmaker from me. To see more of my 1000+ ratings and 900+ reviews, visit my profile.<br/><br/>*EDIT: I just saw this a 2nd time. Knowing the ending made this an entirely different film - surprisingly in a good way. Sure the surprise wont be there, but seeing it again through a different perspective was still amazing! I had to up my rating from 8/10 to 9/10. Brilliant film. See it again!

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