April in Autumn


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Reviewed by lgbbhakti-33267 10

Superbly crafted and intriguing story line. Gripping from start to finish. I didn't want it to end. These actors and actresses were so natural and engaging. Bravo for this masterpiece so artfully executed. Warren Sulatycky birthed this baby and we are so happy he did. And on such a small budget. Congratulations!!!!

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Reviewed by biljao258 5

It's a nicely shot and well made movie (plaudits to the production crew). The gentle story involves a mother and two adult daughters who are very convincingly played by the three lead actors. The other cast members are all quite capable. The narrative structure is rather desultory with a number of subplots, which include a couple of story elements which remain unresolved. A 'dramatic' scene towards the end is a bit out of character with the earlier tone of the movie. It's an easy watch involving nice, caring people ( so rare in indies nowadays) with some aspects of ambiguity threaded into the storyline. Overall the movie is quite 'feminine' -- but not a chick flick.

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