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Reviewed by hippiedj 9/10

April Fool's Day has just the right smarts about it that it holds upextremely well, even all these years later. While the cast may be youthful,the characters and story set this film way above &quot;teen&quot; slasher or horrorflicks. Mainly, because this is really a mystery in the vein of Ten LittleIndians.<br><br> It's a good thing I saw this film in a theatre when it was first releasedin 1986 -- because the VHS cover has something on it that would have kept meAWAY if I had not seen the film already: &quot;It's just what you'd expect fromthe producer who brought you Friday the 13th -- Parts Two, Three, Four, andFive.&quot; You just can't put April Fool's Day in the same category as thosefilms! This is far superior in story and intelligence. It's clever,well-written, and has great characters that you like even if they are not sonice! These days it seems it's more important to find the most popularactors, and that is usually distracting and doesn't guarantee a good film.April Fool's Day had lesser known stars for that time (Deborah Foreman, AmySteel, Clayton Rohner, Griffin O'Neal) and that worked as an advantage.<br><br> The basic premise of a group of college students stuck on an island in abig house and one by one they disappear, yes, it's been done in manyvariations before. But the clever execution of the story, red herrings, andthe underrated Deborah Foreman's delightful portrayal of Muffy/Buffy allmake for a really fun viewing experience. Foreman has just the right amountof sweetness and can go right into being just plain quirky with such ease.The touch of having dolls on the dinner table, sort of like name tags, willbring a giggle and a smile for sure!<br><br> One plus for this film is the fact that it didn't sink into the tiring T &amp;A route. Sure, a few of the characters have sex on the brain but theiractions and dialogue never really wander off into the gratuitous area.Guys, if you really want lots of breasts than just go ahead and get someporn or a Playboy video, okay? Let the rest of us enjoy a good story oncein a while!<br><br> After the body count rises and things escalate into a tense and frenziedchase through the house, you'll be surprised at what happens next. AprilFool's Day is one of the few films of this kind that actually had a verysurprising reveal and I was even caught off guard, left with my jaw agape atwhat the whole deal was about. The BIG surprise just happens so...abruptly,that you feel just like the character that runs into the room -- just stuckfor a second! After about 90 minutes of mystery, the payoff BETTER be good,and sure enough, this one doesn't disappoint! I'm especially thrilled tohave picked up the eerie soundtrack by Charles Bernstein on vinyl when itfirst came out, and to this day love to give it a spin on the turntable.<br><br> Paramount has a vast library of films that just NEED to be given greattreatment on DVD, and I'm crossing my fingers that films like April Fool'sDay, Let's Scare Jessica To Death, and Polanski's film The Tenant will begiven their glory. &gt;

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Reviewed by AngryChair 9/10

One of the more fondly remembered horror entries of the '80's is thisunique gem that's much more clever and amusing than the average slasherfilm.<br><br>Young woman invites her beloved college friends to her island home fora weekend of fun, but everything goes wrong. A freak accident occurs,mysterious things appear in the guests rooms, our hostess starts actingstrangely, and bodies are starting to pile up!<br><br>With its clever combination of Agatha Christie-type mystery, teenhorror film conventions, and quirky humor - it's not hard to understandwhy this film has developed a bit of a fan base. Even viewers who don'tlike horror films may find themselves enjoying this witty and twistedlittle venture. Director Walton does well in giving the film an air ofmystery and spookiness. All the more adding to the atmosphere is thelovely music score of Charles Bernstein. The film is nicely shot inbeautiful British Columbia.<br><br>The true highlight of this film though is its above-average cast. Whilethere are really no known actors in the cast, they all deliver greatperformances and bring their characters to a wonderfully likable light!Deborah Foreman, in probably her best performance, is great as hostessMuffy. Ken Olandt and Amy Steel are great as a couple trying to solvethe mystery of it all. Clayton Rohner and Thomas F. Wilson are a joy astwo joke-happy friends. Jay Baker, Leah Pinsent, and Deborah Goodrichare equally good in their supporting roles.<br><br>As the tagliner says, April Fool's Day is certainly a 'cut' above therest of its kind. It's a fun watch whether you enjoy the horror genreor not.<br><br>*** 1/2 out of ****

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Reviewed by BaronBl00d ([email protected]) 6/10

Definitely not the typical slasher fare you might expect from the1980s, April Fool&#39;s Day takes the ordinary slasher formula and spicesit up - and in the process makes a much more palatable film than mostof the films it initially imitates. A group of nubile teens(OK, not sodifferent to begin with)go to their friend&#39;s remote island homesomewhere in the Northwest. Here, they laugh, have sex, joke aroundbecause it is April Fool&#39;s Day, and, oh by the way did I mention, havesex. Although this part of the movie is pretty typical, it is well-shotcompared to other films of its ilk and we do get some characterdevelopment(not a lot) but some. Soon, people begin to die and thingsget serious. For a slasher film, this movie is very well-paced and,more importantly, is not over-the-top in blood and guts. The acting isuniformly average(something a Friday the 13th films craves!). Whatreally takes this film beyond the mundane; however, is the stylishtwist at the film&#39;s end. This, almost all by itself, allows this filmto rise in the ranks. The ending is deftly done and does not lookfoolish or silly or forced; all of these things could have easilyhappened. So if you are up for some slasher fun, want to see some nicelooking girls(Deborah Foreman and Deborah Goodrich), and are intriguedby a creative ending - April Fool&#39;s Day is for you!

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