Another Tango


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Reviewed by Mlle_Chouette 5

I normally like hallmark-ish movies and marvista's tv romance movies. But even though this one just looked too plain. The acting was not believeable, some of the actors looked pretty amateur plus the secondary characters were so badly written, it looked like the screenwriter just used one word to descrbe them. The problems and motivations were not serious enough, as if the same lazy screenwriter just thought "ok, we need this according to the plot, so let's choose the most obvious idea" so we're just left wondering "what? why?". The general plot idea was not bad, but it could have been so much more

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Reviewed by rg79912 4

Ok, so I usually love these sappy Hallmark type movies. I gave this a chance because of Brant Daugherty. I don't understand why this actress is being given these lead roles tbh. She is incredibly wooden as an actress most of the time. She really brings the quality of the film down drastically. Her character was supposed to be this amazing dancer in her youth, but this actress was pretty amateur and awful in her dancing. Also, there is no chemistry between the two leads. Brant Daugherty sells a man falling in love, this actress does not sell anything at all to me. I mean seriously, do her parents own Marvista and this is the only way their daughter can get acting jobs??? I just don't understand why not hire an actress who can act and also dance. This one can do neither. The actress also needs to work on her look and her character personality because she does not have a look that catches attention or personality that makes her at all believable in a romantic film and especially in this particular role. This movie was so underwhelming that I'm disappointed that Brant Daugherty was wasted on yet another film. I recently watched Accidentally Engaged and her acting should have improved by now, but yikes she's no better. Please Marvista, find a real actress.

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Reviewed by phd_travel 4

This movie is badly directed. The dialog and acting seem awkward and stiff. This is a story about a dance studio in financial trouble. A ballroom dancing competition promises hope. There's a rekindling of an old romance. Lexi seems to dance okay and Brant is fresh off DWTS. But their final dance number isn't exciting or impressive.

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