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Reviewed by corbett-hoxland 2

Not a reboot, but a redo. The script is too similar as are the characters and the story. You have seen it before with little to no surprises.Why the story was set in the past is an interesting choice.<br/><br/>The one , yes one, highlight is the right scene seen in the trailer. That&#39;s it.<br/><br/>The acting and character growth is disappointing. Surprising considering some of the actors involved. Things happen too quickly and for no reason at all.<br/><br/>Biggest gripe about the movie is the confusing timeline. The story keeps jumping forward and backward in time so that you are totally lost when the story is happening.<br/><br/>All in all, go watch Nikita again , this is a poor clone of a classic

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Reviewed by edgy-827-486965 1

They even don&#39;t make basic research before create THIS schlock. How about notebooks in USSR? I am pretty sure even Gorby don&#39;t have one, but simple thug - yes, why not? Even with internet and wi-fi. And then we have at 1988 in Moscow bunch of cell phones! When actually first cell net was launch in 1991, and like in 1990 maybe was some personal cell towers. And this is just beginning. We have import cars like in 1993 or something. I mean you think - its not a big deal. But for USSR it WAS big deal. And even in Paris I don&#39;t think that in 1988 in even rich hotel they store video data on hard drives looks like my 10 mb hard drive from IBM 286. And its not that Anna can&#39;t feel some paper forms... why she even need notebook? Or why they so need to take not less then cell phone from a gangster in Glavpivtorg, when just paper telephone book was okay? Luc Besson have marasmus or something? He don&#39;t remember how 1988 year look? And they have bunch of russian actors two, who probably laugh out of their asses, but don&#39;t say a word to the creators of film. It could be not bad Black Widow eurojank mockbuster, but with all of this pure fantasy stuff its not.

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Reviewed by kaspersz 2

If use Russia, be a little authentic!I can&#39;t believe, it&#39;s Luc Beson.Absolutely crap!

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