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Reviewed by kgordy-590-130290 10

This movie is just plain and simple, good. I loved it. I as captivated from the moment it started until it ended. The story line was great and the cast was phenomenal. The performances were great and I was laughing so hard, I literally almost spit soda out. It was an epic moment, for an epic movie. I recommend it to all. Such a fabulous hidden treasure of a film. I loved that it seemed a bigger movie than what the allotted budget was. There were the "unknown" cast and they did such a great job. I honestly wouldn't have guessed that they weren't "BIG" time movie stars. They really took some of the scenes. The leads were also so appropriately cast. It was the perfect match. I see a bright future for this entire cast and for this movie!

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Reviewed by Juliewong12345 10

I was thoroughly entertained by this Asian American twist on Meet the Parents. I found myself laughing out loud at some of the jokes and nodding knowingly at that all-too-familiar tension between the new boyfriend and girl&#39;s father. What makes this movie different is the way they captured the essence of the way this dynamic plays out in Asian American families. Remember Amy Chua and her book &quot;The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother?&quot; This movie shows a graphic picture of how the Chinese Tiger Mother and Father would approach dating. <br/><br/>The cast did a superb job acting, as each character seemed to have such distinct personalities. This is a great date night movie.

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