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Reviewed by zkonedog 10

Usually, Disney films are filled with such sappy schmaltz that even the most emotional of viewers have a hard time being drawn into the story. &quot;Angels in the Outfield&quot;, for a change, strikes exactly the right chord between emotion, humor, and just plain fun that makes a joy to watch again and again.<br/><br/>Here&#39;s the basic plot: A young orphan named Roger (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is promised by his deadbeat Dad that the family will come together again when the downtrodden California Angels baseball team wins the pennant. After a heartfelt prayer from Roger on that very matter, he begins to see a swarm of angels, led by the enigmatic &quot;AL&quot; (Christopher Lloyd), helping the team finally start to move up in the standings. The Angels&#39; manager, Mr. Knox (Danny Glover), begins to take a liking to young Roger, first viewing him as a good luck charm, then starting to believe in the magic surrounding the team.<br/><br/>What I really find charming about this film comes in two different areas: First, the humor doesn&#39;t pander to the kiddies. I&#39;m in my twenties and, though being a baseball nut helps this process, can still laugh out loud at many moments throughout the movie. Also, the message is just heartfelt enough to resonate with me emotionally, but not overly done to feel sickening.<br/><br/>The acting is terrific all the way around, as the kids, players, manager, and even all the auxiliary performers shine in whatever capacity they are given. The sport of baseball is known for harboring some colorful characters, and this film doesn&#39;t spare you from that aspect of the game!<br/><br/>Thus, I consider &quot;Angels In The Outfield&quot; to be one of the best family films I have ever seen. Plus, if you are a baseball fan whatsoever, the subtle references and situational humor will make you appreciate the experience even further.

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Reviewed by ccthemovieman-1 6

THE GOOD - Overall, a nice-feeling fantasy film with good kids and some decent special-effects. Although geared toward kids, adults will get laughs out of this, too. It&#39;s nice to see two unspoiled kids in a 1990s movie. They are both very appealing, especially the ever-optimistic &quot;J.P.&quot; (Milton Davis Jr.) whose motto was &quot;It could happen!&quot;<br/><br/>THE BAD - There is a prayer scene where the kid doesn&#39;t know whether to address God as a man or a woman. (Well, you knew Disney was going to have some Liberal propaganda.) Danny Glover overacts something brutal in this film and the baseball player who is the star, played by Tony Danza, doesn&#39;t have a clue how to throw a baseball much less portray a Major League pitcher. Is that the best actor they could find for this role?! Come on, let&#39;s have some realism. That sort of thing went out with the end of the classic-age era.

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Reviewed by rkchang 7

I happened to catch this movie on cable one afternoon. I have to admit that I&#39;ve never been a big baseball fan, but I can sometimes get into a good sports-related movie. What I found more interesting was the depiction of the foster family system. As a therapist who has seen both the good and the bad of the community mental health and foster system, I though it was rather refreshing to see a movie that showed both the ups and downs of this system: people jumping from family to family, biological parents not always taking an active involvement, and transitions that can be but heart-wrenching and heart-melting. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Danny Glover are the anchor of this film, and both bring very believable performances. Maybe it was just my emotional state, but I did find myself shedding a tear at the end of the film.

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