Angel Has Fallen


Action / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.7


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11/12/2019 8:18:08 AM

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Reviewed by carlcasso 7

Once again I nearly didn&#39;t watch this one after reading the reviews on here.<br/><br/>I read that the photography was bad and the direction terrible.These experts really need to stop.<br/><br/>There is absolutely nothing wrong with the photography or direction.<br/><br/>This is good action flick that won&#39;t win any awards but it&#39;s entertaining and that&#39;s whats its supposed to be.<br/><br/>I really wish people would stop being negative for the sake of it.<br/><br/>It&#39;s like trolling.

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Reviewed by ssjsolidsnake 7

If you enjoyed the previous 2 movies, this movie follows the same simple formula but it&#39;s a very nice 3rd movie.Don&#39;t go in expecting a deep story, some actors just scream bad guy straight away and make everything predictable, go in just to enjoy the nice combat scenes and fast paced action.Overall it&#39;s a nice film to just enjoy without thinking too much about it.

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Reviewed by alexdehaas-32222 7

It&#39;s really a run of the mill action movie. But that didn&#39;t stop you did it? Like it didn&#39;t stop Butler&#39;s character and his performance. His acting is solid and there&#39;re enough familiar names with good acting to keep you occupied. The only thing i was worried of this was going to be a copy of the Fugitive. It has many resemblences but this movie does it&#39;s own thing to keep it fresh. Sure the CGI may have it&#39;s problems but it delivers. Just kick your feet back, grab a snack and a drink and enjoy this movie for what it really is. A highly enjoyable action movie with solid acting to keep you busy for around 2 hours. And a solid sequel to an outstanding action sequence. What more do you want on a weekends evening?

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