Andy Irons: Kissed by God


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Reviewed by cebridgman 10

This is the best documentary I've seen since Meru came out a few years back. It's increadibly powerful and will show you the highs and lows of Andy's amazing life. It also informs people about the opioid epidemic that is ruining individuals and their loved ones lives.

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Reviewed by bfassnacht 10

I was lucky enough to see this film early at the World Premier in NYC. I am a surfer and followed surfing from an early age but up until this film I have never seen a film go into such intimate detail to effectively tell a story about surfing and give an inside look at one of the best surfers in the world and the struggle that he went through behind the scenes. His brother, Bruce Irons, and his wife, Lyndie, do not hold back at all in describing the details of not only Andy's life, but also the life of a professional surfer. This is more than a surf film. It transcends surfing and is a story that everyone should see, as we have all know or have known someone who has dealt with mental illness and addiction.

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Reviewed by nik_mander 10

As a huge Andy Irons fan fiend many years, I have been very sceptical about this docu/film.All I can say is wow, it's just perfect. Never again will you see this personal into a pro surfers life.So many unseen childhood video shows and pictures and stories from his school friends.Bruce and Lindie give the film an emotional feel and really tell the story of Andy's struggle through the years. 10/10 from me

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