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Reviewed by bkoganbing 6

In the tenth of sixteen Andy Hardy films it was decided to finally let Mickey Rooney graduate from Carvel High School. That event centers around all the plot situations in Andy Hardy&#39;s Private Secretary.<br/><br/>Hiring of a private secretary comes about through some bad bookkeeping by class president Mickey Rooney. When he hires a secretary, pretty Kathryn Grayson, the problems of her family which consists of father Ian Hunter and brother Todd Karns get intertwined with the Hardys. Fortunately wise old Lewis Stone as Judge Hardy is there to straighten it all out.<br/><br/>This film was Kathryn Grayson&#39;s feature film debut and she has a couple of opera arias delivered in fine style. Naturally she&#39;s the hit of the graduation.<br/><br/>One of the big problems is that Rooney involved that he is almost doesn&#39;t graduate because he flunks the final exam in English. Making matters worse was the English teacher is his aunt Sara Haden. But of course that too is resolved.<br/><br/>Was there ever a place as perfect as Carvel? Next to it George Bailey&#39;s Bedford Falls is positively sin city and that&#39;s before the angel does his thing.<br/><br/>Even Ann Rutherford as loyal girlfriend Polly Benedict takes Rooney back once again. Half, maybe more than half the Hardy films have Rooney getting involved with another girl like Grayson only to have Ann Rutherford take him back. Why she didn&#39;t give Mickey his walking papers permanently is one of the mysteries of the silver screen.<br/><br/>Still Andy Hardy&#39;s Private Secretary with its featured singing of Kathryn Grayson is a good example of why the series was so popular with Americans. Places like Carvel just had to exist somewhere in the USA.

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Reviewed by utgard14 7

It&#39;s time for Andy Hardy to graduate high school in this tenth entry in the wonderful MGM Hardy family series. In this one, big-headed Andy (Mickey Rooney) is so busy planning the graduation festivities that he neglects his studies and fails a big test, putting him in danger of not graduating. Enter his new friends Kathryn and Harry Land (Kathryn Grayson, Todd Karns) and good ol&#39; Polly Benedict (Ann Rutherford) to help him pass the big test to graduate. In addition to this drama, Judge Hardy (Lewis Stone) try to help out Kathryn&#39;s dad (Ian Hunter), an international travel agent struggling to find work in small town Carvel. But Andy causes problems here, too.<br/><br/>Mickey Rooney and Lewis Stone are both in top form, as is the ever-adorable Ann Rutherford. For many fans of the Hardy series, this is one of the least liked entries. It&#39;s a long one (101 minutes) that juggles several different elements when it probably should have stuck to just a couple. It was also meant as a showcase for cute Kathryn Grayson, who makes her film debut here. There&#39;s the expected opera singing from her, if that floats your boat. She&#39;s the secretary of the film&#39;s title, by the way. Ian Hunter and Todd Karns both do great work as her father and brother. The problem is there&#39;s just a little too much focus on these guest stars. Fay Holden (Mrs. Hardy) gets only a few scenes and Cecilia Parker (sister Marian) is totally absent. Sara Haden&#39;s Aunt Milly does get a little more to do than usual, however, as she figures into the plot about Andy&#39;s flunking in a slightly contrived way. Still, despite some flaws, I happen to enjoy this one. The scene where Judge Hardy is driving Andy&#39;s jalopy is a hoot. I won&#39;t spoil it for you but it&#39;s one of my favorite scenes from any of the Hardy films. Another memorable scene has Andy dressed up as a Greek god in the graduation play he was putting on.

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Reviewed by Calaboss 5

If you love Mickey Rooney in his early days, and you can stomach all the &quot;life lessons&quot; of the Hardy series, you&#39;ll be all up for this one. Nobody will ever remember this film after they have watched it, but it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling while you&#39;re there (like all in this series does).<br/><br/>Thankfully, there&#39;s no tap dancing in this one, but hang around, this series will cater to all needs. Judy is just around the corner, and you&#39;ll see her in the next episode.<br/><br/>Anybody under 40 would be well served to ignore this, unless you are a serious film buff. No Judy Garland here, but all the basic Hardy elements are in place. Andy has girl trouble, Dad gives him solid advice, and all ends up well, just like always. The End.

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