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Reviewed by MartinHafer 3

some of same music as &quot;Plan 9&quot; scar came and went as well as changed size killed guy--made it look like another guy killed him.<br/><br/>The title &quot;Anatomy of a Psycho&quot; would certainly lead you to believe this would be an exciting and most likely salacious film. I was very surprised, as the film was anything but like this. It was, surprisingly, a bit dull. The story is about a screwed up young man whose older brother was convicted on murder and was executed. However, the guy won&#39;t believe that his brother was guilty and he&#39;s sworn to get revenge on those who convicted him. Now considering that much of what he does for revenge requires planning and a cool head, this isn&#39;t exact what anyone would term psychotic! Sociopathic....sure...but NOT the behaviors of a psycho. So, I was expecting a wild-eyed and over the top performance by the guy...but got very, very little of this. What a disappointment. In addition to not living up to the title and being a bit dull, the film also suffers from occasional poor acting and a moving and disappearing scar! What do I mean by this? Well, the troubled young man gets his face slashed in the beginning of the film but the continuity is so bad that in some scenes it&#39;s gone and in later scenes it&#39;s back! And, often the scar grows and shrinks before your eyes! It should also be noted that some of the music was previously used in &quot;Plan 9 From Outer Space&quot;--need I say more?<br/><br/>The bottom line is that this is a bad though not horrible film. And, it&#39;s not bad enough to be funny--just pretty dull. Probably not worth your time.

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Reviewed by Hitchcoc 3

The son of Burns and Allen plays a cold, messed up 25 year old teenager with a group of 25 year old high school friends. His brother is sent to the electric chair and he gets tunnel vision concerning him. There is nothing wrong with the premise. It&#39;s just that the acting is atrocious and the plot so stupid. There are two kinds of kids: the punks and the Leave It to Beaver crowd. The scene where the psychotic guy is invited to a party by his sister&#39;s boyfriend is absolutely ludicrous. You almost expect him to say, &quot;They&#39;re going to have a clown and everything.&quot; Anyway, the good guy gets framed and the movie is about how that is handled. One thing I&#39;ve noticed in watching all these films of the forties and fifties. If you kill someone, no matter the circumstances, they send you to the chair. They try really hard to make this one social commentary, but it&#39;s beyond help.

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Reviewed by BA_Harrison 5

When condemned killer Duke Marco is sent to the gas chamber, his younger brother, juvenile delinquent Chet (Darrell Howe), vows to take revenge on those responsible, his hatred and bitterness gradually twisting his mind.<br/><br/>This early &#39;60s crime drama was going great guns for a while, Chet&#39;s revenge leading him to arson, the troubled youth burning down a judge&#39;s house, and murder, pinning the blame on Mickey (Ronnie Burns), the son of the chief witness in his brother&#39;s case. I was intrigued as to what even darker places Chet&#39;s spiral into insanity would take him; unfortunately, it takes him to court, where the film turns into a really dull legal drama, as Mickey tries to prove his innocence, and Chet watches on, hoping that witness Bobbie (Frank Killmond) doesn&#39;t crack under pressure. Yawn!<br/><br/>At the end of the film, Bobbie spills his guts, naming Chet as the guilty party. Chet makes a bid for freedom, pursued by cop Lt. Mac (Michael Granger), but the film wimps out on a fitting demise for the young hoodlum, instead opting for a happy(ish) ending, the misunderstood lad being taken safely away, rather than being pumped full of lead.<br/><br/>4.5 out of 10, rounded up to 5 for IMDb.

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