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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by JeffCNN 7

I laughed so hard I spit out half the bucket-o-pop I was drinking, and finally had to stop sipping from its fine nectar, because so many times I was hooting and bending over in joy.<br/><br/>There are some slower moments to let you catch your breath and allow for moments of sincerity, but only for a minute. The scenes in the previews (the ones you think will ruin the movie for you) are expounded on ten-fold, so there are plenty of surprises.<br/><br/>During the movie I kept saying, &quot;This is me and my friends when we were in high school!&quot; They were almost the same conversations about life, sex and girls; just not as frequently, but it&#39;s only a two-hour film. Any guy will appreciate American Pie full tilt, and girls will realize just what hoops guys jump through in order to get their attention, let alone in their pants.<br/><br/>What added to American Pie is that I liked every character, because the filmmakers didn&#39;t feel the urge to give us prototypical teen characters. Their personalities are distinctive, and their situations are all different, which leads to a hilarious finale where we see just how their pact plays out on prom night.<br/><br/>As I mentioned before, there are genuine moments on the screen where the guys and gals have revelations of sincerity. It adds a needed depth to a film like this, where it&#39;s not just raw, raunchy comedy, but important to the lives of the characters who know more than sex is at stake. Which is another reason to like Pie, there are several slices, and sexual conquest is only one of them.

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Reviewed by Starks 8

I have to say that the most fun I had at the movies this summer was when I saw American Pie, the funniest picture I&#39;ve seen since last summer&#39;s There&#39;s Something About Mary. This movie has taken the classic teenage boy film (Porky&#39;s, Revenge of the Nerds) and spruced it up for the 90&#39;s. It is hilarious from start to finish. If you like physical comedy, gross out comedy, sexual comedy, American Pie has it all. A great ensemble cast of likeable young actors makes this a joy to watch. <br/><br/>I think this year&#39;s breakout star has to be Chris Klein. He was phenomenal in Election and he is even better here as a jock who tries to soften his image to score before prom. I have a feeling Klein is going to be Hollywood&#39;s next big thing and I hope he has a chance to flex his acting muscles in some different movies (I can definitely see this guy in an action film).<br/><br/>Also very good is Jason Biggs who plays the sympathetic Jim character, the guy who is least likely to lose his virginity. His antics are very funny to follow and he gets the lion share of the laughs. Finally a huge ovation for Eugene Levy, who gets major laughs as the Jim&#39;s dad.

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Reviewed by Jaime N. Christley 7

The director and the writer, Paul Weitz and Adam Herz respectively, will do anything for a laugh -- that&#39;s good, as it turns out, because this movie has a great many laughs in it. There&#39;s not much of that restricting, suffocating &quot;logic&quot; stuff around, but &quot;American Pie&quot; is immensely enjoyable. I mean, almost none of the things that happen in this film would ever, ever come to pass in real life, but it doesn&#39;t matter.<br/><br/>For starters, the characters aren&#39;t all one-dimensional. Thankfully, they&#39;re two-dimensional, so right away it has an edge on 60-70% of all the movies ever made.<br/><br/>Moreover, it&#39;s heart is in the right place. Most high school movies these days are all about cruelty and malice, especially towards (and among) the women. Not the case here. This is the first conventional high school movie I&#39;ve ever seen that made me smile so much (I say conventional because &quot;Rushmore&quot; still trumps every one of them).<br/><br/>Furthermore, it&#39;s very funny. I wouldn&#39;t dare give away any of the really great gags (we&#39;ve all seen the trailer -- that&#39;s not the one I mean), but I&#39;ll say this: Weitz and Herz are extraordinarily skilled in audience manipulation, which is to say that they know how and when to spring unexpected surprises upon us. They also know how to use foul language for punch, rather than punctuation.<br/><br/>The soundtrack is another positive. It&#39;s all about joy and high energy -- even music from Third Eye Blind and Barenaked Ladies that suffers from radio overplay fits the mood appropriately.

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