Always Be My Maybe


Comedy / Romance

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Reviewed by MovieQween-33622 9

This is such a cute movie, it's smart, funny and not ridiculous. There's such good chemistry and it just works!! I've always really liked Ali Wong, never a mega fan necessarily but loved her in things I saw. Can't say I was a Randall Park fan, it's not that I didn't like him, I just didn't ever love any of his projects. This one is such a win though. FINALLY such a cute rom com that's not rushed or corny or lame. Ali Wong And Randall Park are both writers and producers on this project! It really makes me fans of both of them. Please tell me there's a sequel in the works already! There have been so many high school stories on Netflix so this was a nice, fresh story. We need more of these quality rom coms!!!! Also the music was great!

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Reviewed by duckonthedam 9

We really enjoyed this. Some great moments of pure awkwardness had us in stitches. Loved Randall Park and Ali Wong. They play off each other very well. Really great characters throughout the whole movie. The young kids were adorable. Keanu Reeves plays himself to perfection. Overall a thoroughly enjoyable show.

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Reviewed by sharathchowdaryb 8

No matter what, life goes on.Never give up on your dreams!<br/><br/>Maybe exaggerating a bit but a nice movie with no nonsense.

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