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Reviewed by fannyrodriguez-02957 1

These Netflix liberal trash documentaries are complete biased one sided garbage! Really just push these liberal Hollywood no moral godless opinions on mainstream Americans. They paint these antifa punks as hereos?? What a joke!

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Reviewed by heymrjackwhereyaat 7

I watched Alt-Right: Age of Rage to get a neutral look at both sides of alt-right movement and they did not disappoint. You will hear close up interviews with both Antifa and Alt-right leaders without biased assertions that are sometimes prevalent in other documentaries. Watch this and receive some insight into Antifa and the Alt-Right actions and motives leading up to and during during the Charlotesville riots. Its a good documentary that seeks to understand and inform.

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Reviewed by jesper-1 5

A strong start with high production value deteriorates into repeated political messaging. After the first hour I was just waiting for this one to end. <br/><br/>I am no expert in the Alt Right movement or Richard Spenser, so I was pleasantly surprised with the opening of the movie, as it looked like I would get some new insights. As the documentary progresses it turns out to be more of a collage of monologues made by Antifa activist Daryl Lamont Jenkins.<br/><br/>The messaging will be completely clear to the viewers once the movie ends: Alt-Right is &quot;kind of&quot; neo-Nazi or outright neo-Nazi, while Antifa are a democratic opposition which violent acts are never questioned.<br/><br/>My frustration grew as I watched how facts were distorted and the double standard of the makers became more and more clear. Let me point to some examples:<br/><br/><ul><li>Richard Cohen of the Southern Poverty Law Center talks about threats to his life (victim) while doxing (revealing private information publicly) about his opponents and Lamont Jenkins thinks it is good that people in Alt Right lose their job, when he exposes them.</li></ul><br/><br/><ul><li>Antifa activist is doxed by Alt Right (victim) and he dresses up in protective combat gear when going to a protest against a completely peaceful closed Alt Right conference. He is in a fight, that he most likely started himself, and is then saluted by Antifa including Daryl Lamont Jenkins when released by police while his victim is in the hospital.</li></ul><br/><br/><ul><li>Antifa activist does not want to speak about what she knows about which masked Antifa thug who violently attacked Spenser while he was being interviewed. This violence is somehow justified, okay or even funny.</li></ul><br/><br/><ul><li>The failure of the Charlottesville police to stop violence is somehow manipulated into being a police support for Alt Right, while in fact it is clear from the documentary, that anti-Alt Right protesters instigated the violence. Focus then turns to the 20-year-old Alt Right supporter who rammed into a crowd with his car leaving a woman dead. Trump is then portrayed as a &quot;kind of&quot; neo-Nazi supporter for condemning violence &quot;on many sides&quot;.</li></ul><br/><br/><ul><li>Dangerous and scary background music are played when Alt Right speaks. When Lamont Jenkins incites the crowd with his chanting that they repeat, heroic music is played.</li></ul><br/><br/><ul><li>Daryl Lamont Jenkins are the hero of the movie presenting one up close and personal monologue after another for the audience. In the end of the movie, this constant preaching was almost unbearable to watch. Richard Spenser, on the other hand, is shot from a distance and without the same coherent point of view. </li></ul><br/><br/>My criticism should in no way be confused with support for the Alt Right movement, but I am on the other hand left with the clear impression, that the documentary lacks credibility in its portrayal of the movement.<br/><br/>For me it is absolutely absurd, that assault rifle armed private militia shows up to provide security to a demonstration, but contrary to the documentary&#39;s narrative I found myself thinking that it was properly good they appeared, as the director seamed apologetic to violent Antifa protesters. <br/><br/>The first half an hour is definitely the strongest part in regards to insight and production value. The last part of the documentary is week. Half an hour could easily been edited out.

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