Along Came a Nanny


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Reviewed by bkoganbing 5

I confess I had to look twice when I saw that Detective Mike Logan was going undercover as a nanny. I couldn&#39;t imagine Chris Noth from the Law And Order franchise doing this after he picked up his pension from the NYPD. However it was Canadian actor Cameron Matthison being an undercover nanny in this Hallmark Mystery film.<br/><br/>In the upscale neighborhood of Poplar Point there has been a rash of burglaries. Since this is a rich community Matthison gets the assignment to track down and apprehend those responsible and there are several though only one does the actual burglaries. <br/><br/>Matthison decides an unusual approach. He gets hired through an employment agency as an nanny and after a fashion proves adept at the job. He also gets a little romance going with Sarah Lancaster.<br/><br/>Typical Hallmark product, but I have to say the motive for all the burglaries is an unusual and original one for these films.<br/><br/>Worth seeing for that alone.

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Reviewed by Jo_Blo_Movie_Critic 7

7/10 - entertaining mystery that plays like a classic Hallmark flick

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Reviewed by bookandcandle 1

I love Hallmark movies and mysteries. They are simple to watch and enjoyable.<br/><br/>I sat down last night with my family to watch &quot;Along Came a Nanny&quot; and all we could stand was the first half hour.<br/><br/>The music in the background was louder than the speaking voices. I have two different TV sets and I tried them out on both. Both were the same with that loud banging, &quot;bing-bong&quot; type music that is totally distracting and annoying. There should be no music while the actors are generally speaking, except during a climatic scene. This was not the case. That &quot;bam-bam&quot; music never stopped.<br/><br/>My family and I just turned the channel and that was that. Why ruin a good movie with irritating music, especially during a mystery? One has to concentrate on every word, not have to try and block out the disrupting music to hear every word. Bad job, Hallmark, on this one.

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