Alone with a Stranger


Drama / Thriller

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Reviewed by timtracyjc 7

After reading the other reviews here, I was expecting to see a taut, entertaining thriller. What a disappointment! This plays like a typical made-for-tv flick with a few F-bombs added; a painfully predictable plot with nothing you haven't seen a zillion times already and zero suspense. Skip it-- I wish I did.

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Reviewed by edwagreen 9

Really good thriller with William R. Moses really breaking out of his Perry Mason part of Ken Malansky.<br/><br/>In this very exciting film, Malansky plays 2 brothers. The evil one is quite a character who suddenly springs into the life of the good one, who is no saint himself. However, the evil brother has a diabolic scheme to inherit the good brother&#39;s business by selling it and then wiping out the other brother as well as the family. Anyone getting in the way of his plot is quickly murdered including the therapist for the good brother&#39;s wife.<br/><br/>The ending puts you on an absolute edge where the wife of the good brother has to determine who the bad brother is when both claim to be her husband. How she figures it out is truly amazing.<br/><br/>As is the case with everyone else, Bill R. Moses has aged but he still has those good looks which serve him well.

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Reviewed by whpratt1 7

This was a very entertaining film in which human life was taken at the drop of a hat. William R. Moses,(James/Max) &quot;Hangman&#39;s Curse&quot;,&#39;03 was a very successful CEO and had very little time for his wife and spoiled son. All of a sudden a very close relationship appears and turns his entire life upside down and causes all kinds of problems. However, James&#39;s wife, Barbara Niven,(Sandy Kennington),&quot;The Drone Virus&quot;,&#39;04, seems to enjoy the different changes that go on in the bedroom and how James has become so very romantic and attentive to her desires. If you look close, you will see Mindy Cohn,(Toni), &quot;Facts of Life Down Under&quot;,&#39;87 TV Series, who is a secretary to Sandy Kennington. There are lots of thrills and chills in this film and the story line is outstanding.

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