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Reviewed by joe-375 2

Well, I had to be generous and give this a 2. This was mainly due to the gratuitous holes cut in that lady's shirt where her breasts are. I found that mildly amusing. Other than that, this movie does nothing more than provide a few good laughs with a friend. Funny if you're willing to throw "mystery science theatre" comments at it with someone, but it ain't no better than a 2. And a 2 pretty much sucks.

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Reviewed by Hey_Sweden 5

...It just ain&#39;t that good. Prolific B movie director Fred Olen Ray has certainly done better. Despite the efforts of a very solid B movie cast, it fails to ever be as much fun as it should be.<br/><br/>Part of the problem is that Ray never is able to get much momentum going. &quot;Alienator&quot; plods too much for this sort of thing, it&#39;s full of nondescript characters, it&#39;s not much for continuity, its special effects are something less than special, and when all is said and done it ends with more of a whimper than a bang.<br/><br/>Too bad; the premise had some potential. A typically dull Jan-Michael Vincent plays a cranky warden on a prison spaceship who has one of his prisoners, a rebel leader named Kol (Ross Hagen) escape from him. So what he does is send Amazonian &#39;hunter unit&#39; The Alienator (played by female bodybuilder Teagan Clive) after the fugitive, who&#39;s crash landed on Earth and made contact with some hapless Earthlings, including forest ranger Ward Armstrong (John Phillip Law).<br/><br/>Clive is quite a sight, and she does what she has to do well enough, although her character is nowhere near as cool or memorable as Arnold Schwarzeneggers&#39; The Terminator. Her right hand and arm are encased in a laser weapon that weirdly sets its first victim on fire but then just makes the rest of the victims disappear.<br/><br/>The assemblage of talent here is truly impressive: also in the cast are P.J. Soles (wearing an oddly revealing outfit), Dawn Wildsmith, Richard Wiley, Jesse Dabson, and Dyana Ortelli; Wiley plays the most utterly insufferable of the various humans. Fox Harris (to whom the movie is dedicated) and Hoke Howell play a knuckle head pair of hunters, and it&#39;s a treat to see such veterans as Robert Clarke, Leo Gordon, and Robert Quarry (although Quarry, sadly, doesn&#39;t get to do a whole lot.) Horror fans will be delighted to see Joseph Pilato (a.k.a. Captain Rhodes from Romeros&#39; &quot;Day of the Dead&quot;) in a small role as a technician.<br/><br/>The location shooting in Topanga Canyon is fine, but otherwise this movie is underwhelming. Ray just doesn&#39;t give it much pizazz. If you&#39;re a very undemanding schlock lover, you may get some entertainment out of it, but it will likely bore most other viewers.<br/><br/>Five out of 10.

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Reviewed by movieman_kev 4

Kol, space prisoner on space death row, manages to hijack a space shuttle and escape to the woods of America where he, along with some new found friend try to escape from the &#39;Alienator&quot; a female cyborg killing machine. Made one year after the best movie of Fred Olen Ray&#39;s career, &quot;Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers&quot;, this one can&#39;t help but feel like a bit of a letdown. Just as low-budget as that earlier film, but not nearly as fun as I had with it. None of the actors really stood out at me. The film is alright for the undiscriminating viewer during a rainy Saturday afternoon, but that&#39;s pretty much all it&#39;s good for.<br/><br/>My Grade: D+ <br/><br/>Where i saw it: Showtime Thriller

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