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Reviewed by wandernn1-81-683274 3

I can tell this one is going to be lacking right away with a runtime of 68 minutes.....<br/><br/>So halfway through can sorta determine it&#39;s a movie about a divorced cop and his weekend where he has to housesit for his ex wife and look after his daughter.<br/><br/>Okay well...really I made it to the end which was extremely disappointing....<br/><br/>-2 Stars for a horrible ending to a pointless 68 minute movie....<br/><br/>3/10

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Reviewed by wbsimsjr-32405 3

I wasn&#39;t expecting something that was heavy on the sfx, and I was in a mood to watch a slow burn movie.. This was just not it. just another lackluster video..

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Reviewed by salmiemail 8

This is a film that has gained perspective on how many people can possibly experience having been exposed to this. I think this movie has been underestimated by many but I think the script keeps its dimensions and the amateur actors does a phenomenal job. good work

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