Ailo's Journey


Adventure / Family

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Reviewed by FrenchEddieFelson 7

A poetic tale in Lapland in which we may observe a reindeer within its wild environment, from birth to its first anniversary.

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Reviewed by mawiraven 8

Plot:The first year of Ailo is shown, a reindeer that is learning its place in the world.While experiencing the harsh weather and life conditions in lapland, i.e. northern scandinavia, Ailo also meets the other animals living there, like squirrels, foxes, wolverines etc. and, of course, other reindeer.<br/><br/>This movie is more like a documentary as it is very informative to the viewer about the flora and fauna. Cute animals and beautiful scenic views of landscapes are concomittantly paired with finnish orchestral music, and both add to a very special cinema experience.

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Reviewed by nakso 7

I&#39;d say that this is a documentary instead of an adventure movie. It reminds me of Savage Kingdom, except that this odyssey happens in northern Finland instead of Africa. But in both documentaries the &quot;main characters&quot; have names and the narrator is on their side when they are in danger.<br/><br/>The film has nice sceneries and includes interesting information, for example, about the cooperation between ravens and wolves.

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