Against a Crooked Sky


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Reviewed by ma-cortes 6

When his sister is kidnapped , a young boy (Petersen) set out in pursuit Indians , leaving his parents (Clint Ritchie, Fannon) . He join forces with an alcoholic gold prospector (Richard Boone) who saves him of drowning and helps him to rescue the young girl . They are driven by an elderly Indian (Henry Wilconson) toward a location where lives a strange tribe . He must risk his own life by passing the proof of crooked sky and to avoid his sister to be killed from an arrow archer .<br/><br/>The film is a crossover from the ¨Searchers¨ (John Ford) , also with a pair looking for abducted daughter , and ¨MacKenna&#39;s gold¨ (J.L.Thompson) with fantastic inspiration in the rare Indians and the spectacular outdoors . Richard Boone as a drunk trapper is magnificent , he&#39;s usual in Western genre and John Wayne films (The Alamo, Big Jake, Shootist). The veteran Henry Wilconson (Last of Mohicans , Crusades, Cleopatra) is also excellent . The film gets sensational landscapes shot in Colorado River and Arches National Park , Moab, Utah . The motion picture was well directed by Earl Bellamy . He was a good professional who served in the US Navy&#39;s photographic unit in the WWII and directed more than 1600 episodes of television and catastrophe films such as : Fire! and Flood! and a sequel titled Walking tall II . Rating : acceptable and entertaining .

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Reviewed by FightingWesterner 8

Against A Crooked Sky is strange viewing nowadays in that it was made before the pinheads in Hollywood decided to drastically dumb down movies aimed at children, particularly children ages ten to thirteen, reducing them to worthless comedic mind rot filled with flatulence jokes and loud flashy effects. I don&#39;t even think todays preteens would have the patience (or half of them, the Intelligence) for a movie that isn&#39;t a comedy or a fantasy!<br/><br/>In this, Sam Sutter watches helplessly while his sister is kidnapped by an Indian warrior. With little or no hope of recovery and all attempts to find her called off, he sets off with a drunken Richard Boone (in a fantastic performance) to find her, his only clue being a gold headband.<br/><br/>Although this isn&#39;t among the best westerns ever made, it&#39;s a truly entertaining outdoor adventure, the best thing about it being the developing relationship between Boone and the stubborn boy as he pushes the cantankerous old man out of his comfort zone and towards the truth about his sister&#39;s disappearance.<br/><br/>Against A Crooked Sky shows a strong influence of other films of the time like Little Big Man and A Man Called Horse. Like them it details strange (at least to the white man) rituals and customs, like Cut Tongue&#39;s being forced to live like a squaw and the harrowing climax, the test of the crooked sky.

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Reviewed by whpratt1 6

This is a cute story about a pioneer family who have a girl and a boy and the girl is a few years older than her brother. The girl is religious and reads a scripture to her brother about a person giving his own life for a friend is the greatest show of love, this bit of advice stays with this young man. One day the girl encounters a different tribe of Indians who wore a gold head piece around his head and they kidnapped the young girl. The father goes out hunting for his daughter and then the son decides to put his life on the line for his sister and he devotes himself to finding her. There are many twists and turns to this film and Richard Boone plays the role as a drunken prospector and scout who knows all the Indians and speaks their many languages. This is a very entertaining film with many great film locations in the West. Enjoy.

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