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Reviewed by jaronb94 3

With fine actors including Alan Cumming, Zachary Booth, and Wilson Cruz participating, I expected a far better film. This is the director&#39;s first feature, and it shows. By turns maudlin, self-congratulatory and incoherent, the story purports to be an examination of how an aging gay man - who lived through the worst years of AIDS - now finds himself in a time in which his activism is under-appreciated. Unfortunately, as written, the protagonist (Sam) is self-absorbed and unlikable, a privileged New York artist who treats the hustlers he hires badly and who whines relentlessly to others that, for some reason, put up with him. He is, essentially, a narcissist that the filmmakers present as if he were sympathetic.<br/><br/>The conceit of the film is that Sam is not afforded by young, cute gay guys the respect and honor he deserves for having lost friends and loved ones in the eighties and for having participated in Act Up in the nineties. As a survivor of those times myself, I appreciate the work of activists, but I fully understand that what they accomplished should be gratification enough. Of course younger gay men can&#39;t understand what Sam went through. The whole point was to work toward a future when they wouldn&#39;t have to. <br/><br/>Sam is stuck in the past, as is the film. The protagonist seems to learn nothing, and watching his journey becomes increasingly frustrating.<br/><br/>One final point (and this truly bothered me): throughout the film, Sam voices particular venom toward the few non-white characters - a latino hustler he stiffs, a black artist who has replaced him in popularity, and the latino boyfriend of an old friend who the friend wishes to marry. This isn&#39;t quibbling; his behavior is pronounced and consistent, leaving the impression that, in his mostly-white world, people of color are people to be disparaged.

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Reviewed by euroGary 7

Sam (Alan Cumming) is a self-centred artist working on a video tribute to a friend long-dead of AIDS. Sam&#39;s homosexuality is very political: a veteran of the gay rights protests and anti-bigotry campaigns of decades ago, he embraces the self-imposed outsider, &#39;rage against the machine&#39; status it affords him, as witnessed by his tirade against a gay couple who marry. But it&#39;s not all politics: one night he takes home a young man (Zachary Booth) he meets in a bar. Their relationship is the hook on which the film hangs a wider examination of Sam&#39;s life.<br/><br/>So far, so talky American gay movie. What saves the film is the acting. I agree with Samuel L Jackson - why hire a Briton to play an American - were all the American actors busy? But there is no doubt Cumming is good in this, eschewing the queenliness he sometimes uses and instead delivering a character who is a strong, opinionated, not-particularly-likable ordinary guy. As for Booth, while he has the looks of a vapid Valley boy, he turns in a natural, realistic performance as the younger man intrigued by the older man, but not blinkered to the latter&#39;s faults. Amongst the supporting roles, Everett Quinton has fun as the ageing, gently flamboyant queen who is the oldest of the circle of friends.<br/><br/>So full marks for the acting, but considerably fewer for originality.

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Reviewed by apeneva 10

This is a pretty great A-list movie that in my opinion is super underrated.Seems like it didn&#39;t get any publicity AT ALL. I wonder why...Well, it&#39;s a simple story, a character study, but it I loved it.It has beautiful cinematography, very believable acting and it made me feel for the main character.And Zachary Booth is such a sweetheart...Nostalgic and very human and relatable, not just if you&#39;re a gay man. It makes you think about the meaning of life and death, relationships with your friends, growing older etc.Highly recommened if love a good moody film.

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