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Reviewed by bealexandra 1

I went to see this film with my hopes high since I have read the books multiple times and I absolutely loved them.Well, I got really disappointed. If you have read the books, you&#39;re going to be really disappointed as well. If you haven&#39;t, you will not understand the story, since the action is overall really quick, so you don&#39;t really understand the scenes or why they are even there. It is boring because 90% of the film nothing much different happens, most of the times is just music playing and Tessa and Hardin kissing and making out. The dialogues are weak, they barely even talk, and if they do, is just hi and how are you. Basically, the characters met and 5 seconds later are already declaring eternal love. No sense at all. The storyline is poor and doesn&#39;t respect the film at all. For me, the film killed the book.I feel like the characters didn&#39;t show much emotion. Hardin I just didn&#39;t feel the vibe. He is really superficial and his personality is just neutral.<br/><br/>PLEASE GO SAVE YOUR MONEY AND GO WATCH SOMETHING BETTER

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Reviewed by amaliegraaberg 1

We died laughing in the cinema, because it was so ridiculousy predictable and stupid. Don&#39;t spend your money or time. I am telling you, no!

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Reviewed by FrenchEddieFelson 3

First things first, I clearly do not belong to the intended audience which is probably narrowed to female and romantic teens, between 11 and 17 years old. Possibly older, with a touch of nostalgia. Tessa, an ingenuous teen, leaves home, mum and high school in order to integrate university, her roommate inviting her to join an idle and carefree group. She meets there Hardin, a rebel without a cause (Nicholas Ray, 1956) but with a keen interest in literature, like herself. The continuation is relatively predictable and indubitably goofy. My own rating: 2/3 of 10. My rating while trying to belong to the intended audience, with a generous empathy boosted to the extreme: 4/5 of 10.

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