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Reviewed by jake_fantom 1

Combine one miserably written script, a bunch of dreadful ham actors, an ultra-low budget, childish special effects, cheesy costumes, and what do you get? One awesomely horrendous movie. No kid could suffer through it, and no adult will be able to tolerate more than two minutes of it. This is is grade-Z garbage plain and simple.

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Reviewed by waseemrazajafri 1

Please somebody kill the script writer, Aladdin is a good character in cartoons and cartoon series has better script, I don't want to become spoiler but believe me , Don't waste your time to watch this movie or don't waste your money on this movie.

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Reviewed by BasicLogic 7

Don&#39;t know why there&#39;re morons with money would have wasted their hard money to invest on such terribly bad movie with the poorest CGI effects, funny costumes based on a thousand times used 1,001 Night with wet dreams.<br/><br/>The problem of this absurd fable is the guy who wrote this didn&#39;t have any I.Q. Why? Well, suppose you really have such magic lantern that could make your dream come true, why waste such opportunity to just become a pathetic skirt chaser? If the lamp and its giant resident inside has the power to fulfill your dream, why waste on a woman? If you are already a poor young man, you should at first get rich, change your miserable social standing, maybe remodel your kitchen, buy blue chips from the Wall Street Stock market. Once you&#39;re so rich, what kinda woman you could not have? A Princess? Are you sure she&#39;s pretty enough to worth acquiring? Anyway, this magic lamp was totally wasted by this lousy crap.

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