Ad Astra


Adventure / Drama

IMDb Rating 7.0


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Reviewed by danuk-4 2

The plot is completely ludicrous nonsense. None of the characters were developed enough for me to care. Brad Pitt is so boring in it! The science is all completely wrong. Visually it looked decent in parts (I watched in Imax) but it's mind numbingly boring and so insulting I was ready to leave after 1 hour. My wife said we should stay till the end but that proved to be a mistake. There are countless things wrong with this movie. I honestly wouldn't waste your time

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Reviewed by mark-1206 2

Its basically a story of Brad Pitt having daddy and abandonment issues and issues with relationships in general, which happens to be set in space.<br/><br/>If that&#39;s what floats your boat, go for it. I hated it.

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Reviewed by nitish_hsitin 1

If you have trouble sleeping, watch this movie. The slow and boring storyline will put you to sleep.

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