A Violent Separation


Crime / Thriller

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Reviewed by nijazmuratovic 5

It's hard to decide is this movie good or bad. I guess it's 50-50. It's good because it is emotional, mysterious, and realistic. It's bad because it's unfinished and beginning is not so much different from ending, same problem, different person. There were few unpredictable things, the same ones that could be unpredictable and dependable on people around us. That is trust, making decisions, and reactions of people around us, especially of people who can harm us intentionally or unintentionally. Characters are not neither best nor worst actors. Most look realistically immersed into their problems as if it is all real. They did show some concern and emotions about situation, but I think this could have progressed into bigger adventure and deeper emotions instead of typical quick twist at the end, and in fact unfinished end. It's all about crime, facts, reality (even if negative), and relationships. Good to watch for those who like drama in combination with mystery.

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Reviewed by wanderer15701 6

Flaws in the script.. Many things don't make sense or not believeable but I still watched it

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Reviewed by hampersnow-28905 1

What happens when you take an over-wrought, totally unbelievable plot, mix it with amateurish dialogue and decide to hire actors who look like models but have zero acting talent ? You get this cheesy drama that comes across as a bad TV movie. It is nicely shot, and all the lead actors are gorgeous, but not for one second do you believe them in their characters. Brenton Thwaites looks way too young for his role and Ben Robson as his brother is awful. Everything about this movie comes across as phony and it is not one of those "so bad it's good" movies" it's just BAD. You could turn the sound off just to watch very pretty people wander around on screen and this would be less painful to watch.

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