A Troll in Central Park


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Reviewed by susan-atkinson 6

My grandmother bought me this movie many many years ago (I still have it on VHS) and I loved this movie then. The cute plot line and message that you can do anything and be yourself makes it a cute movie for young kids. Compared to some of the movies available out there now, I would definitely show this to my children. There is singing, dancing flowers, and a cute troll to boot!<br/><br/>No, it is not the most sophisticated film, but still a cute one! My only caution is that Gnorga, the Queen, may frighten some children, especially when she is fighting to with Stanley to take the children. Overall, this movie still has a special place in my heart from when I was young.

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Reviewed by TOMNEL 3

This has to be one of the most pointless and boring animated feature films of all time. Don Bluth had directed some stinkers in the past, but this was by far the worst. By the end of the movie, it feels like nothing happened. The animation is a step down from Bluth&#39;s previous films, and the character designs and animation are just terribly loose. The only real positives about this are the voice over acting, and the lively musical score, despite only having bad songs.<br/><br/>Stanley the troll (Dom Deluise) is unlike the other trolls. He&#39;s more interested in planting flowers and making the world pretty, where the other trolls only want to cause misery. The trolls have black thumbs that turn things to stone, but Stanley has a green thumb for bringing plants to life. When Queen of the trolls, Gnorga (Cloris Leachman), finds out about Stanley being a good troll, she shoots him up in the air, and he lands in Central Park. Meanwhile, a little boy Gus wants his dad to take him to the park, but his dad is busy, so he and his infant sister Rosie go off on their own. They meet Stanley, and go on a stupid adventure with him, while Gnorga is hot on their tail, and for some reason wants them all out of the picture.<br/><br/>Babies will probably have a good time watching this, though some parts may be too scary. Older kids will despise this, unless it has a nostalgia factor to them, which it does to me, and I still hate it. Everything is overly corny, and cheesy and sappy. The plot....heck, what plot. It&#39;s pretty much just, little boy and girl go to park, meet troll, he teaches them about imagination, bad troll comes in, chaos ensues. The songs in the movie are really bad, which is weird because the musical score is quite pretty. The voice over acting is actually pretty good, with Cloris Leachman in an almost unrecognizable voice over role, Charles Nelson Reilly doing the same likable voice he&#39;d done in so many other cartoons and Dom Deluise with his normal, over the top voice. Other than the music and voices though, this is an utterly ridiculous movie.<br/><br/>I dislike the beginning, and I downright despise the ending of this sappy kiddie junk that should have had less put into the direction, and more into the writing.<br/><br/>My rating: * out of ****. 75 mins. G.

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Reviewed by Herbest8 2

Don Bluth has had his share of ups and downs in his long career. But this piece of dreck marks the only time he has truly hit rock bottom.<br/><br/>I hesitate to use the word &quot;movie&quot; to describe this bomb because this is not really a film. It is a lame idea loosely tied together with bad songs and some of the most saccharine padding and filler you will ever see in you&#39;re life.<br/><br/>The title character is played by Dom DeLuise (a good actor) and he does what he can with the role but this character is hopeless. He&#39;s one dimensional, annoying and just plain bland. The film&#39;s worst performance is a tie between Cloris Leachman and Charles Nelson Reilly who play the monarchs of the Kingdom of Trolls. Not only do they seem to grunt their lines, but they talk over each other! I mean, come on! Why make a movie where you can barely understand or hear what the characters are saying? The rest of the cast is pretty disposable. I personally think Jonathan Pryce should have played King Llort but that&#39;s just me.<br/><br/>But it&#39;s not all bad. Some of the songs are OK, DeLuise does what he can and the animation is typical Bluth: lush and beautiful.<br/><br/>But in the cold light of day, this dreck is simply an insult to the art of animation.

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