A Trace of Danger


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Reviewed by wes-connors 5

A beautiful blonde woman is stabbed to death, apparently, by a man wearing dark clothing and a knit cap pulled over his face. Six months later, sexy San Francisco defense attorney Emmanuelle Vaugier (as Kate Wilson) receives a call from her handsome ex-boyfriend Ivan Sergei (as David Walker). He has been charged with the murder we saw before the opening credits. Returning to her hometown, Ms. Vaugier reluctantly agrees to help Mr. Sergei beat the rap. Their old attraction resurfaces, but Vaugier tries to keep it professional. Almost everyone in the cast thinks Sergei is guilty, so Vaugier has a tough task ahead. Benjamin Sztajnkrycer would have been a neat little story, had this production stuck to being a series of derivatives with a twist. But, just when you thought you&#39;d seen something a little different, it ends up being far too ordinary. Terry Ingram&#39;s direction adds some mystery and the music, by Stu Goldberg, is outstanding.<br/><br/>***** A Trace of Danger (2010/1/10) Terry Ingram ~ Emmanuelle Vaugier, Ivan Sergei, Garry Chalk, Jared Keeso

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Reviewed by mvalken-1 10

I stumbled upon this on ION TV and all I can say is wow. There may only be a trace of danger, but there is a boatload of electrifying action to be had. I had to look this up because it seemed like a new release and I hadn&#39;t seen any trailers or seen it in theaters. Wasn&#39;t sure how this one slipped by since I&#39;m always combing the movie listings for the latest action flicks. Well this was a roller-coaster ride from opening to closing credits. I&#39;m not gonna spoil it for anybody, all I can say is you need to watch for youselfs. One bizarre twist after another interlaced with high-flying stunts, stunning courtroom drama, and riveting, spine-tingling suspense make this a &quot;must-have&quot; for any real action fan&#39;s DVD collection. Might as well keep it on top since you&#39;ll be watching it over and over again to pick up all the subtle nuances you missed in previous viewings. I would really like to see the star with her shirt off, but being that it&#39;s on TV, I prolly won&#39;t get to. :( Anyways, she&#39;s dressed scantily enough that little is left to the imagination. I gotta good enough picture of her naked in my head to &quot;work with&quot;, if you know what I&#39;m sayin&#39; :) Alright, I gotta get back to the movie, the commercial&#39;s over, but def check this out, you can thank me later.

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