A Thread of Deceit: The Hart Family Tragedy


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Reviewed by paperbirds 1

Such potentially rich content reduced to talking heads and bad audio and production and no real information. Listen to the podcast instead. Felt like a really rushed job with perhaps skewed intentions. Calling this a documentary is a real stretch.

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Reviewed by tarantul99 3

I live 1 Mile from where this occurred. I followed this story. Two children never found. Movie said one. But it was two. The little girls calf and foot found the rest of her not. Oldest boy not found and hopefully never was there, and he's living somewhere free of these women. I found movie to attempt to portray them as "so good they took on too much" ...this by many interviews of acquaintances. They had no friends per day. How dare anyone attempt to portray these women other than the monsters that they are...I think honest truth would have been a better choice if content. More interviews with needed with those that were there and saw it.

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Reviewed by porcelainjungle 2

This film fails in how it allows friends of the Hart family to make excuses for the two Hart women without confronting this behaviour. Instead, many of the talking heads place the blame on social media, or suggest the two Hart women were simply desperate or &quot;insane&quot;. There is no evidence to suggest either. There IS evidence to suggest that they were aware of what they planned to do, which was/is murder, and evidence to suggest a pattern of abuse behind closed doors in that family home.<br/><br/>That this film does not confront the making of excuses by the talking head friends of the family is truly infuriating, if not utterly disrespectful to the memory of the six(!) children whose lives were taken from them.

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